Art Factory Exhibition October 2018

6 Nov 2018

This October saw a vibrant exhibition by Art Factory, Platform’s weekly art group!

The artworks were developed in the months leading up to the exhibition, with artists Joanna Peace and Luke Shaw and featured artwork by:

DJ Al | Samantha Brown |Darran Cameron | George Drennan | Elizabeth Ann Ferguson | Elaine Fisher | Robert Haughie | Angela McLauchlin | Joseph McNulty | Joanna McQuade | Dylan Miller | Susan Milligan | Mary Mullan | Julie-Anne O’Donnell | James Rafferty |Thomas Sherry

Over 60 artworks were displayed together, on panels across the exhibition wall and in two vitrines in the library space. The first vitrine contained a collection of both individual and collaborative artworks, including sketches, collage and mixed media. The other contains a group collection of chemigrams, images made using photographic processes, but without a camera.

Art Factory runs as a free, weekly drop in and takes place on Tuesdays, 1pm - 4pm.

All materials are provided.

Welcome to all over 16 yrs.

If you have any questions about Art Factory email Anna at anna@platform-online.co.uk or come along on Tuesday afternoons!

Associate Artist 2018/19 |  Eoin McKenzie

29 Oct 2018

Eoin McKenzie is the artist currently leading Lab Station, our drama and performance workshop for young people aged 12 - 16 years and, along with Gudrun, also leads the Platform Young Company. Eoin has been a regular visitor to the venue for almost ten years and we are delighted that he will be one of our Associate Artists for the year ahead. Here he talks about what he is currently working on and his relationship with the building.

Hello Eoin! What are you currently working on at Platform?

I’m currently working with a group of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16 at Lab Station on Monday nights, where we make performances based around whatever excites us all! And I’m also the director of the Platform Young Company working with a group of artists aged 16+!

What do you enjoy about spending time and working at Platform?

I’ve really enjoyed working with Lab Station and the Young Company, I feel that the people who take part in these projects are always up for experimenting with performance in a similar way to me! During the summer I also worked with Geraldine Heaney and a group of amazing young folks to make 10 videos over 10 days as Platform TV, which was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! I also love the variety of shows and gigs that the venue hosts – not to mention squeezing in a cheeky swim at the pool if I feel like treating myself!

I love that Platform genuinely support the artists they work with to make work that they are excited by! All of the team here really listen and respond to our ways of working, our interests, and our instincts – also, they all have good chat! I think it’s amazing that the building is used by folk from Easterhouse alongside folk from further afield, as a place to hang out, meet pals, and make art! I always enjoy working there because there’s a buzz throughout the space, it feels like there’s always something happening and that’s a good vibe!

Can you tell us a little bit more about your practice?

I’m a performance maker, facilitator, and director – but really I see what I do as being an interest in trying to make sense of the way humans experience and inhabit the world; sometimes I do this by myself, sometimes with other artists, sometimes with people who’re just passing through the building. I make work through choreography, writing, repeated process-based actions, collaboration with other humans and non-human materials, and through research – often I feel that my work is ‘finished’ when what I’m making moves, just slightly, out with my own control or understanding of it! I’m fascinated by failure, impermanence, and transcendence – and how they relate to the ways we make sense of ourselves and the things we interact with.

What do you take inspiration from?

I get a lot from trying to find ways to make sense of ideas and experiences that feel a little bit intangible – that are hard to make sense of through words or linear thinking. I get really excited when I experiment with how these things can exist in real time and real space! I’m inspired by the other artists I get to work with at Platform – I find hanging out and collaborating with them to be really stimulating! I also get a lot from working with the folk from Lab Station and the Young Company!

Associate Artist 2018/19 | Peter Lannon

16 Oct 2018

Hello Pete! We’re delighted that you’ll be one of our Associate Artists over the next twelve months - what are you working on at Platform over the year ahead?

I’m going to be doing some work on FEELS a brand new project for children and young people exploring emotions and gender and, as one of the co-directors of KOR! Records I shall be continuing to work with bands like The Boys, at the Glenburn Centre and Loose Morals at Platform ahead of SWITCH 2018 on Friday 26th October. [For more information about SWITCH 2018 click here]

You have been working with Platform for a number of years now, can you tell about some of the recent projects you have enjoyed working here?

At the end of 2017 I worked with Ellie Dubois and Collectif and Then… on Fram & Dunt – a really charming, moving, and delightfully strange show performed by a circus artist (Fram) and her Dad (Dunt). We created it at Platform and it premiered at the Roundhouse this year – hopefully it will be back in Glasgow very soon!

I also had a brilliant time at Outskirts Festival this year. Loose Morals, a band that KOR! Records works with, performed in collaboration with Eilidh from Breakfast Muff in the café bar and totally rocked the place!

Apart from the work you do here at Platform, what do you do? Can you tell us a little about your work?

I’m part of a company called SUPERFAN that makes devised performances that are usually very playful and physical, and often incorporate true stories from our own lives or the people we work with. I work as a performer and director, and make work that is aimed at young audiences, as well as shows aimed at adults. I also work a lot with people who aren’t professional performers – the very first piece I made at Platform was a show with my Dad, and in a show I made a couple of years ago I performed alongside two young people from Easterhouse.

Often my work takes inspiration from true stories I’ve collected, or from elements of popular culture like film & TV, to explore something personal like fear or love. A lot of the time my work is also about gender and in particular masculinity, and I’m interested in finding ways of performing masculinity that are more healthy than most of the representations of men we usually see.

My ambition for the work I make is that it is entertaining and heartfelt and accessible, and that it looks at big ideas in unusual and interesting ways.

What do you enjoy about working at Platform?

I love Platform first of all because of the folk who I’ve met there, and because of the sense of community in the place. I’ve met loads of brilliant people just from being around the building, and it really feels like people are interested and care about what’s happening. It feels like Platform genuinely engages with the community it is a part of - in a way I don’t think I’ve seen done anywhere else. The audiences at Platform are always a mix of folk from different backgrounds, of different ages, and I think that’s exactly how it should be, and that’s where there is the most potential for exciting art and conversations to happen. It feels like Platform is always asking how work made there can engage more directly with the community, and how that community can feel ownership over the work made in Easterhouse – and I think the art is always the better for it.

Finally Pete, can you tell us a little bit about who inspires you and what influences the work you make?

I’m inspired by the people I work with – I find it hard to work alone and am always much more excited by being able to collaborate.

I think I’m inspired by the things I’m scared of or don’t know – a lot of the time the reason I make work about something is because I’m afraid of it or don’t understand it and creating performance is a way of me trying to figure it out.

My work also often has animals as characters in it – I think I’m inspired by animals and the natural world, and by unusual stories about humans and animals.

Platform TV + Radio Episode Five

12 Oct 2018

Brand new TV and Radio content from our in house team of artists - enjoy!

This material was created as part of our CashBack for Creativity summer workshops - we shall be running more sessions in the 2018 October break and the Easter and Summer Holidays in 2019.

All workshops are completely free of charge and open to everyone aged 13 to 18 years.

If you are aged between 13 and 18 years and would like to be involved in the next series of CashBack workshops or know someone who would be, please get in touch with Anna Lomas at anna@platform-online.co.uk to find out more.

Supported by CashBack for Communities through Creative Scotland’s CashBack for Creativity Programme.


Platform TV + Radio Episode Four

5 Oct 2018

Brand new content from the teams behind our Platform TV and Radio project - hope you enjoy!

This material was created as part of our CashBack for Creativity summer workshops - we shall be running more sessions in the 2018 October break and the Easter and Summer Holidays in 2019.

All workshops are completely free of charge and open to everyone aged 13 to 18 years.

If you are aged between 13 and 18 years and would like to be involved in the next series of CashBack workshops or know someone who would be, please get in touch with Anna Lomas at anna@platform-online.co.uk to find out more.

Supported by CashBack for Communities through Creative Scotland’s CashBack for Creativity Programme.

Episode Three of Platform TV and Platform Radio available now

1 Oct 2018

Click below for the latest episodes from the Platform TV and Radio team who worked in collaboration with Daisy Douglas, Jassy Earl, Geraldine Heaney, Eoin Carey and Eoin McKenzie to create new and original podcasts and TV episodes.

Today we are pleased to share not one but two episode threes!

New episodes will be released over the coming weeks so keep a look out for the next ones.

If you’d like to be involved in the next series of CashBack workshops or know someone who would be, please get in touch with Anna Lomas at anna@platform-online.co.uk to find out more.

Supported by CashBack for Communities through Creative Scotland’s CashBack for Creativity Programme.


28 Sep 2018

Happy Friday!

Created and recorded over the summer holidays as part of a series of CashBack for Creativity workshops. A group of teenagers worked with artists Jassy Earl, Daisy Douglas, Geraldine Heaney, Eoin Carey and Eoin McKenzie to create new and original podcasts and TV episodes.

The shows cover a wide range of topics, everything from curiosity to Cornettos, existentialism, being heard and being listened to and getting your voice out there!

New episodes will be released over the coming weeks so keep a look out for the next ones…

If you are aged between 13 and 18 years and would like to be involved in the next series of CashBack workshops or know someone who would be, please get in touch with Anna Lomas at anna@platform-online.co.uk to find out more.

Supported by CashBack for Communities through Creative Scotland’s CashBack for Creativity Programme.

Sunday afternoons at Platform | Culture Café and Platform Singers!

23 Sep 2018

We have been involved in lots of exciting and varied activities at Culture Café so far this year, we can’t quite believe where the time goes!

Here is a taster of just some of the things we’ve been up to, and how to get involved - we always love to welcome new people along.

We’ve developed our own comedy stand up material with Best Medicine Comedy, even performing in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival!

We’ve learnt different weaving techniques and made beautiful mini tapestries, cooked (and ate!) delicious and nutritious meals with Axis, created ceramics, sang and
performed, to name just a few!

If you’d be interested in coming along to meet people and try something new, you can come along to Platform 12-2pm.

Ask at reception when you arrive, we can usually be found in the Bridge Café.

Complimentary teas, coffees and soup are provided, there is no charge to take part.

And why not stay for Platform Singers? A new singing group meeting each Sunday from 2:30pm with Rachel Hynes.

Get the oxygen circulating with some fun vocal warm ups and suggest your favourite songs for the group to sing together.

No previous singing experience needed, all levels are welcome!

For more information about Culture Café or Platform Singers, please contact Programme Coordinator Anna Lomas: anna@platform-online.co.uk


13 Sep 2018

Platform is excited to air the first episode of PLATFORM RADIO!

A new radio show created and recorded over the summer holidays as part of a series of CashBack for Creativity workshops. A group of teens worked with artists Jassy Earl and Daisy Douglas to create content over seven days, for seven very original radio shows.

The shows cover a wide range of topics, with the teenagers discussing everything from curiosity to cornettos, existentialism, being heard and being listened to and getting your voice out there!

Happy listening!

New episodes will be released over the coming weeks so keep a look out for the next ones.

If you’d like to be involved in the next series of CashBack workshops or know someone who would be, please get in touch with Anna Lomas at anna@platform-online.co.uk to find out more.

Supported by CashBack for Communities through Creative Scotland’s CashBack for Creativity Programme.

Platform Building Tour

For those of you yet to visit us here at Platform here is a little video about what you can expect when you visit!

Platform Building Tour from Platform Glasgow on Vimeo.

Associate Artist |  Conner Milliken

11 Sep 2018

Platform is delighted to have Conner currently working on a new collaborative performance. In 2017, Conner graduated with an MLitt with distinction in Theatre Practices from the University of Glasgow. Conner is a Queer artist based in Glasgow and will be undertaking a PhD at the University of Glasgow in October. He makes performance for several contexts including theatres, cabaret and clubs and often explores elements of drag. We spoke to Conner to find out more about his work and his relationship with Platform.

What is your favourite performance or event you have attended at Platform?

I’ve seen amazing gigs, exhibitions and performance at Platform but I think my favourites are probably Helen de Main’s exhibition, You Know, Things Like That and seeing Stella Chiweshe perform live. My favourite visit to the venue was to help facilitate a workshop with dance artist, Android X and performance and dance students from Glasgow Kelvin College. The students were so receptive and really enjoyed learning about a form of performance that none of them had come into contact with before.

What is it you enjoy about working with Platform?

Platform is an incredibly special organisation. Not only does it support the work of artists at all stages of their career but they engage directly with the community that they serve.

Hosting so many community projects and free events ensures that everyone has access to the arts at all levels.

There really isn’t any other venue like it.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your practice?

My work explores queer history/identity, gay male masculinity and acts of care. I am interested in autobiography as material and choreographic movement based practice.

I often work collaboratively, with artists and audiences, and LOVE discovering new performance discourses with others.

I feel feelings are important and I like to share them so let’s talk and make stuff together!

Who or what are you inspired by?

I am inspired by my mum, my gran and artist, Adrian Howells. Music has a large impact on my work even if it doesn’t feature in any of my performances.

Radical acts of kindness, be they gift-giving or sharing with each other, are things we need more of.

What are you working on at Platform?

I have been developing a performance called GAYBOYS with lead artist, Craig Manson. So far we’ve performed it at Only Skin, Queer Theory, Stereo, Love Boutique and Dice Festival at the Edinburgh Fringe. We’ve been working on this for over a year and have put a lot of unpaid time and work into it so we can’t believe how lucky we are that Matt and everyone at Platform have offered us support and space to help develop the show into a full-length, professional production.

Image Credit: Julia Bauer

Artists at work

Associate Artist |  Geraldine Heaney

Geraldine Heaney has been working with Platform for a number of years. In 2016 she was commissioned to create a film to mark the tenth anniversary of the venue which you can find here. She has starred in Christmas shows, delivered numerous Play Cafe sessions and created lots of original film and performance with Creation Station. Geraldine also works with KOR! Records who will be leading SWITCH 2018 in October and continuing to make music with the Glenburn Centre and Loose Morals here at Platform. We spoke to Geraldine to find out more about her work and her relationship with Platform.

What is your favourite performance or event you have attended at Platform?

It’s very hard to choose a favourite. There’s always something exciting or interesting happening every time I am at Platform. I really enjoyed making a new show with Creation Station in June featuring a Dog-Shark, a Little Leaf, Batman and lots of doughnuts. I also really enjoyed coming along to the Soundsystems sharing event in the summer. Lots of confident, talented young people performing really exciting new music.

What is it you enjoy about working with Platform?

There’s lots of things I love about working at Platform. I like the trust and freedom to be really creative and experimental. I love the dedication from the staff that work in the building to make exciting things happen. I also love all the people I’ve got to know over the last 6 years from just being in the building.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your practice?

I’m a multidisciplinary artist working regularly with film, music and live performance. I work on a diverse range of projects and have designed and facilitated projects for lots of Scottish companies. I’m also a co-founder of independent record label KOR! Records, who create music projects with young people with additional support needs. I also perform with Sprog Rock, a band creating live music experiences for young audiences. I recently achieved my Level 6 BSL certificate and I’m very interested in exploring the creative possibilities of access to my work.

Who or what are you inspired by?

Bjork, Michel Gondry, Miranda July, skate films, Pauline Oliveros, dancing, spending time with pals, feature documentaries, Libraries, travelling, I really find working at Platform inspiring too!

What are you working on at Platform?

I am working with a number of groups that are for young people and children at Platform: Creation Station, Platform TV, Play cafe and KOR! Records



Artists at work


4 Sep 2018

We are delighted to announce the arrival of ten brand new episodes of Platform TV

Created as part of the Cashback for Creativity workshops which ran throughout the summer, every episode of Platform TV was devised, filmed and edited in one day.

We will be releasing new episodes over the next five weeks, so keep a look out - hope you enjoy them!

If you have any comments or would like to book a place in the production team for the next set of filming dates then email Anna Lomas: anna@platform-online.co.uk

Each episode was created by teenagers working in collaboration with Platform Associate Artists Geraldine Heaney and Eoin McKenzie - with support from Eoin Carey.

Platform TV Episode 1 from Platform Glasgow on Vimeo.

Supported by CashBack for Communities through Creative Scotland’s CashBack for Creativity Programme.

Associate Artists 2018/19 |  Produced Moon

18 Aug 2018

Produced Moon has two artistic directors, Melanie Phillips and Leonie Rae Gasson, who work collaboratively to create a programme of exciting new theatre experiences. We spoke to Leonie and Melanie to find out more about their work and their relationship with Platform.

What is your favourite performance or event you have attended at Platform?

MEL: Making games with a really exciting group of young people who had very little engagement with the arts before. Almost all involved noted that the sense of community was so exciting and new for them and that was largely down to the amazing welcoming and supportive environment and staff at Platform.

LEONIE: Bringing NTS’ Adam to Platform and having a brilliant mix of local people and members of the trans community come and be the show’s first audience together. Everyone was made to feel so welcome and supported.

What is it you enjoy about working with Platform?

Platform has an incredible ethos and working atmosphere that is so present when you walk into the site. All the participants and staff we have worked with over our time there have been so generous and open to opportunities, new thoughts and ideas which makes it a stimulating and exciting place to be a creative.

This atmosphere is generated in part by the significant relationship Plaform has, and continues to build, with the local community. As a company that also makes participatory work, this relationship with the local community offers a really interesting and intriguing environment and context within which to be making work and creates lots of opportunities for collaboration and communication with this group.

As artists who work predominantly in open spaces, developing adventures that might allow audiences to roam and discover or experiences that lead them through a site through a specific narrative, the scope and potential of what the Bridge holds is a fantastic creative offer and the site is one in which we’d love to make work.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your practice?

Produced Moon makes interactive experiences that are innovative and surprising; we integrate digital technologies into the heart of our work. We make work for theatre audiences and are rooted in the theatre industry but are constantly inspired by and experimenting with cross industry collaboration exploring new frames and structures for our work.

We are women led and are committed to diversifying not only theatre but the digital industries and this is reflected in who we make work with, what our work is about and how we engage with the digital industries.

We make adventures, experiences, performances and games; our work is feminist, political and playful. While our work is often technological in form, we are rooted in liveness, and all our projects involve the bringing together of groups of people to share in experiences together.

We are based between London and Glasgow drawing on the cultures and opportunities of both contrasting cities. We were one of the 2017 New Diorama Emerging Graduate Companies and we are currently engaged in a mentorship and an exchange with Coney.

Who or what are you inspired by?

We are inspired by play, and experimenting with what play can do. How it can allow us to change the way we think, challenge our perspectives, or allow us to become someone else.

Our current practice is primarily focussed on a dialogue with modern technology: the ways technology is changing how we communicate, how we organise in society and how we play.

Our work is often documentary in focus, telling the stories of real people and events and is informed by scientific and social research, news articles and journalistic pieces as well as collaborative processes with relevant professionals.

We continue to be inspired by interactive theatre makers from across the world, most notably: Coney, Punchdrunk, You me bum bum train, Shunt and Gob Squad.

What are you working on at Platform?

We recently ran a Cashback for Creativity Summer School on Gaming from 9 – 20 July, for 13-18 year olds. Future projects involving another Gaming workshop (level 2) and an escape room workshop.



If you would be interested in hearing more about the Produced Moon gaming workshops or to book a space contact Platform Programme Coordinator Anna Lomas: anna@platform-online.co.uk

Artists at work

Associate Artist 2018/19 |  Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir

17 Aug 2018

Gudrun leads Platform Young Company activity here at Platform and we are delighted that she is also one of our Associate Artists! In 2016, Gudrun graduated with a first class honours degree in Contemporary Performance Practice from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She has performed at BUZZCUT, Toynbee Studios and Battersea Arts Centre. We spoke to Gudrun to find out more about her work and her relationship with Platform.

What is your favourite performance or event you have attended at Platform?

Ongoing classes with Platform Young Company, Lab Station and Creation Station!

What is it you enjoy about working with Platform?

The facilities are very good and all the staff are very helpful! I enjoy working with the collective in Platform Young Company and am exciting where we get to with our newest production Shaking the Habitual. I’m very excited and proud of the Young Company for having been selected for Chrysalis and to start rehearsals for the festival in the next few weeks. The performance was entirely devised by the performers and what is presented is maybe not what’s excepted from a ‘young company’, which is a very exciting place to be in.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your practice?

I am an Icelandic performance maker and director based in Glasgow. Currently, my practice is focused on how pulling previously established ideas apart can be a way of exploring themes around theatre, self and identity. I usually start a process by questioning what is bothering, exciting or confusing me and from that point figure out a frame that allows me to explore that in the most liberating way. My work is responsive to the space I am in and working with what is in front of me, acknowledging that the audience are part of the work and therefor encouraging their participation. At the moment I am working on a few solo performance projects, which explore my foreign identity and ideas of belonging in different ways.

I am currently directing Platform Young Company along with teaching, directing and facilitating young people and students in Glasgow.

Who or what are you inspired by?

I am inspired (and challenged) by my surroundings, other performance makers and by turning up and doing the work!



You can watch Platform Young Company perform Shaking the Habitual at the Chrysalis Festival 2018 held at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh this November. For more information and tickets head to: https://www.ytas.org.uk/chrysalis/

Artists at work

Associate Artists 2018/19 |  Jordan & Skinner

16 Aug 2018

Platform is delighted to be working with Jordan & Skinner as part of the Artworks Alliance and Creative Scotland Fellowship programme in association with the Barbican. Mel Jordan & Caitlin Skinner are award winning Scottish theatre makers who create playful, vivid theatre exploring questions of personal and political importance. The company have developed a distinctive style of performance which is visually led, often non verbal and created through a highly collaborative and ever evolving process.

We spoke to Jordan & Skinner to find out more about their work and their relationship with Platform.

What is it you enjoy about working with Platform?

The people! Platform is a real hub of creativity for artists, participants and audiences and we love being in a place where people come together and where anything can happen.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your practice?

Jordan & Skinner is a devising, physical theatre company. We make playful, innovative and exciting theatre inspired by themes of political and personal importance. As part of our Fellowship we are investigating the relationship between art and activism in our work and exploring how we engage with communities in our touring theatre work.

Who or what are you inspired by?

What are you working on at Platform?

The Fellowship allows us to work with Platform on a learning journey to develop our practice as artists. So far, planning the Fellowship with Matt has been such a nourishing experience and we feel really lucky to be supported by Platform on this project.


For more information about Jordan & Skinner head here

And for more information about the Artworks Alliance and Creative Scotland Fellowship click here

Artists at work

Associate Artist 2018/19 |  Craig Manson

15 Aug 2018

Platform is delighted to host Craig over the year ahead as he continues to work a new collaborative performance. In 2016, Craig graduated with a first class honours degree in Contemporary Performance Practice from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Since graduating, Craig has created performances for venues around the UK and for club and cabaret events. We caught up with him to find out more about his work and his relationship with Platform.

What is your favourite performance or event you have attended at Platform?

I’ve been to a lot at Platform but I think my two favourite, because I can’t pick one, are Old Boy by Glas(s) Performance and Wild Life by Sarah Hopfinger and Catherine Wheels. Those have really stuck with me.

What is it you enjoy about working with Platform?

I like having the development of my work take place in a multi-purpose venue that isn’t just dedicated to contemporary performance. Matt and the rest of the artistic team are so supportive and it feels like they want to put artists at the forefront of all decisions, which is such a refreshing and welcoming way to work. It’s also nice gradually getting to know the local people working in and around the building the more I spend time there.

My favourite rehearsal space is definitely The Unit – it’s got such a grungy, industrial look to it that I love!

Can you tell us a little bit more about your practice?

I’m a live artist making performance for festivals, clubs and studio theatres. My work explores the constructs of gay male identity and its relationship to space, other people and the LGBTQIA+ community in general. I’m interested how, as a performance making practice, this parallels the ways that cis gay men are problematically placed at the forefront of visibility for the LGBTQIA+ movement whilst still being oppressed, objectified and fetishized by heterosexual culture.

Though my performance work situates itself within broad or serious discourses, I always like to make my work funny, weird and irreverent – I find that in-between space very exciting!

Who or what are you inspired by?

As well as seeing performance, I’m inspired by the relationships and conversations I have with my close friends who are also artists that I collaborate with. For example, my friend Theo Seddon makes amazing and hilarious work about being Trans Male/Masculine and our collaborations have always been a source of creativity and a lot of laughs, which I think is important for any process! Former Platform Associate Artist, Katy Dye, is someone I collaborate with a lot and I’m always inspired by her work ethic and the way she can excavate a performance to its deepest point over long periods of time.

Apart from close friends, I find a lot of inspiration from more provocative artists like Ann Liv Young, Tracey Emin & Scottee – I admire how they know themselves and the conviction they have to make work that is uncompromising.

What are you currently working on at Platform?

I’ve been developing a new performance work called GAYBOYS in collaboration with artist Conner Milliken. We’ve been working on it for just over a year and now Platform have kindly come on board to provide support to develop it into a full-length show. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!



Image Credit: Sean Campbell

Artists at work

CONGRATULATIONS Platform Young Company!

7 Aug 2018

The Platform Young Company presented a version of their brand new performance Shaking the Habitual in the Auditorium at Platform in late June. Created in collaboration with Platform Associate Artists Eoin McKenzie and Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir, this ambitious, brand-new devised performance, uses movement, text and sound to interrogate and interpret our current political and social climate.

Platform’s Performance Programmer Matt Addicott described the work as “tremendously powerful, Shaking the Habitual stays with you, I’ve been thinking about the show for weeks. The production is really accomplished and I can’t wait to see it again. Huge congratulations to everyone involved.”

Excitingly the show has been selected to form part of the 2018 Chrysalis Festival in Edinburgh later this year. Chrysalis is managed and programmed by Youth Theatre Arts Scotland and their aim with the event is to showcase ambitious performances and radical works-in-progress from the best young theatre makers from the UK and internationally.

This year the festival features performances from artists and companies based in Scotland, England and Germany.

Platform Young Company will present Shaking the Habitual in Traverse One on Friday 16th November at 7pm and Saturday 17th November at 6pm. For more information about the festival and to book tickets click here

If you are aged between 16 and 25 years and are interested in developing high quality theatre and performance with some of the most exciting artists in the country then why not join Platform Young Company for the term ahead - for more information and to book a place click here


Lab Station Dress to Impress

​During the summer term Lab Station, our youth theatre group for 12 - 16 years created a film in collaboration with Eoin McKenzie and Indra Wilson. Dressing To Impress is inspired by clothes and fashion. The short film was screened in the Auditorium at Platform on Monday 25th June as part of our celebratory end of term treble bill which also featured performances from Creation Station and the Platform Young Company.

Have a look at the film below and, if you are aged between 12 and 16 years, have an interest in drama and performance then why not join us on Monday evenings between 6pm and 7.30pm? Book a place for the term ahead by clicking here

The film is captioned for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers.

Dressing To Impress from Platform Glasgow on Vimeo.


The Jungle Book Gang!

25 Jun 2018

On the last Monday of term Creation Station presented their brand new show The Jungle Book Gang to a packed Auditorium here at Platform. The show, which they created in collaboration with Platform Associate Artists Geraldine Heaney and Ricky Williamson, was beautifully realised with large colourful set designs forming a backdrop to the adventures of the Jungle Book Gang as they set about trying to thwart the plans of Evil G. Congratulations to all concerned, we hope you have a great summer and look forward to welcoming you back in September.

Creation Station is our youth theatre group for everyone aged 8 - 11 years and is open to all regardless of experience. The group meet between 6pm and 7.30pm on Monday evenings during the school term. They meet to have fun, make films and performances.

If you would like to book a place at Creation Station for the term ahead simply click here

If you would like more information about the group then send us an email: info@platform-online.co.uk or call 0141 276 9681

Creation Station

Platform launch brand new podcast and TV show!

26 Apr 2018

​We are delighted to present the first episodes of both PLATFORM TV and The Teen Age

Created as part of our Cashback for Creativity workshop programme open to everyone aged between 13 and 17 years this content was created by Amy, Caris, Callum, Keiran, Sonique and Thomas who were working with Aby Watson, Eoin McKenzie, Geraldine Heaney, Jassy Earl, Gail and Mike

If you are a teenager and would be interested in either making an episode of Platform TV or a podcast then email info@platform-online.co.uk call us on 0141 276 9681 and we’ll keep you up to date with our plans - we’ll be making some more episodes of both during the summer holidays!

Platform Spring/Summer Season 2018

8 Dec 2017

Platform proudly presents our Spring/Summer 2018 season brochure!

From January to July we have a whole range of theatre, visual art exhibitions and live music so there really is something for everyone.

Highlights to look out for include our multi-arts festival, Outskirts, Glasgow International 2018 and two gigs as part of Celtic Connections.

Our taking part activities also return in the new year, with art, drama and music classes for people of all ages.

We can’t wait to see you all in the New Year!

Visual Arts

Rudolf and Winterfest Launch in Easterhouse

24 Nov 2017

Two little helpers from Buchclyvie Nursery in Easterhouse joined reindeers at The Shandwick Square Shopping Centre, also in Easterhouse, today to help launch Platform arts centre’s Christmas show ‘Rudolf’ and also Winterfest (in partnership with Thriving Places Easterhouse). Winterfest is a packed programme of festive stalls, Santa and reindeer visits and performances and arts activities for children and families running in the Shandwick centre on 24th & 25th November, 1st & 2nd of December and 8th & 9th of December.

Alberto Brasile (4) and Cara McLaughlin (4), both from Buchclyvie Nursery, Easterhouse, donned their elf costumes to meet the reindeers Princess and Pogo from Ayrshire Reindeer….and helped get the Christmas festivities off to a sparkling start!

Catch the Rudolf Christmas show at Platform (within The Bridge, Easterhouse) from Tue 5 Dec - Sun 17 Dec. A fun, festive outing for all the family, Rudolf is ideal for children and adults alike.

Platform, The Bridge, Easterhouse, G34 9JW. Book tickets at http://www.platform-online.co.uk/whats-on/event/391 or call 0141 276 9696 (opt 1).

Photo credit: Iain McClean


‘Paint it Red’ a contemporary portrait of Easterhouse by Colin James Tennant.

19 Nov 2017

‘Paint it Red’ is a contemporary portrait of Easterhouse by Glasgow-based artist, Colin James Tennant. The exhibition is the culmination of a year-long photography project that has developed through conversations, interactions and experiences gained while working in Easterhouse. The work explores the local landscape; the social history, its personalities and the human spirit that contribute to this notoriously misunderstood community.

Colin, the artist, has a few words to add…

“I’ve spent time over the past year meeting and photographing people in the local community and hearing their stories. It’s been a truly fascinating experience – I’ve met so many inspirational people in what is a thriving, vibrant place.”

As part of the exhibition, Platform invited artist Matt Baker to reflect on the project, exhibition and the work of Colin.

Paint it Red is a photography project that has been developed and created by Colin James Tennant, over an extensive period time spent at Platform and in the surrounding area of Easterhouse. The work began as collaboration with artist Deirdre Nelson, documenting Deirdre’s ‘Made In Easterhouse project’ in 2016. ‘Made in Easterhouse’ celebrated local ‘making’ in all its forms, meaning Colin documented tea dances, party piece nights, knitting bees, jam making events, conversations, meet ups and workshops in various community settings. It also involved interactions with many groups from the community. Most of these groups were female, which inspired Colin to develop a project, which focuses more on the men of the community.

Paint it Red is a contemporary portrait, made with a camera, of Easterhouse and those that live within it. Embedded in the photographs is an open-ended and personal enquiry; one that lays bare the exchange involved in making a photograph. This opens a door onto what being a member of this community is and means in this place, in the early 21st century. It is a profoundly generous, hopeful and honourable body of work.

In 2011, Colin and I were part of the small group of co-founders of The Stove Network in Dumfries. The Stove was (and still is) an evolving project about using the role of the arts and artists as a way of bringing the local people of Dumfries into the conversation about its future in the modern era. Platfom has a very similar ethos. Both are centred on improving the community in which they are located. I mention The Stove because my connection to Colin’s creative process is important for the way I approach Paint it Red and I want to share that with you as best I can.

The working methodology of The Stove is very hands-on and practical; it creates opportunities for people to work together across different generations and life experiences. Colin was part of The Stove because he wanted to do something positive for his hometown, but also because he saw it as an opportunity to develop his understanding of photography and his career. Working as part of The Stove, Colin was always completely honest about what he wanted to get involved in and why – the exchange was transparent. It was also clear that asking Colin to take a constructed photograph (like a staged group photo) was like asking a fish to ride a bicycle; it just makes no sense to him. For Colin, being fully part of any situation is central to who he is as an artist and his talent is in the way he uses his camera to express his understanding of the situations, locations and communities that he finds himself within.

This brings me back to Easterhouse. Over the last 12 months, Colin has been on a journey to meet and become a part of different groups within the area. While the aim of making photographs was always in mind, it is vital to remember the importance of exchange for Colin and of playing his full part in any collective or group. He began by looking for clues and tracing absences in football pitches and abandoned doocots. Then there were the film club screenings he helped organise in Griers Bar (one of the only pubs left in Easterhouse) and the meetings he attended around forming the local Men’s Shed project. Meetings were set up to discuss Easterhouse of old, past football teams that once donned the now empty parks, chats in pubs, allotment sites, cafés and the shopping centre allowed Colin to gain a greater understanding of the area but, more importantly, to connect genuinely with those who live within it.

It was always clear that Colin is the photographer, but he joined in on events at the allotments, brought materials along for the makers and took part in events like the party piece nights. He gave his own skills, freely, to the groups, and whenever he made a photograph of a person, event or group, he would often hand deliver those photographs to the pub or community group to share what he had created. What you see in Paint it Red is only a fraction of the work Colin has created. It is as important to him to have offered his photographic work back to the community in return for their openness in allowing him to document the community, as it is to creating this selection of works for the Paint it Red exhibition. The exchange is transparent.

Visual Arts

Creation Station go international

19 Sep 2017

It’s great to have so many new faces at Creation Station!

There’s really great energy, loads of good ideas and we all agreed this week that we’re always going to have fun.

I’ve been working on another project with Imaginate and some other international partners exploring how we share big topics with young people.

Creation Station helped me out a couple of weeks ago to make this film (posted below) which I then took to Belgium to share with artists from Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland and Scotland.

It went down really well!

You can find out more about the project at http://www.pushproject.eu/

Already can’t wait for next Monday!

Creation Station provocation - (over)protection from PUSH EU on Vimeo.

Fuora Dance Project needs you!

5 Sep 2017

This September Platform is delighted to welcome Fuora Dance Project back to the venue. The company are looking to work with a group of local grandparents and their grandchildren.

They would like to work with anyone interested for two days later this month. Here to explain more is Ashley from the company:

“We are holding a taster session on Monday 25th and if you come along and enjoy yourselves why not join us for Tuesday and Wednesday too to create a short dance piece for family and friends.”

Workshop Times:

Monday 25th September: 1-3pm (Taster Session)

Tuesday 26th September: 4-6pm

Wednesday 27th: 4-6pm

Where: Platform, The Bridge, 1000 Westerhouse Road, Glasgow, G34 9JW

Workshop Detail:

Movement, sound, colours and textures are going to be the main themes of the workshops. All delivered in a playful atmosphere, through a series of tasks and
experiments, which Giulia (Artistic Director) will guide you through. Starting with a general warm-up, we will explore creative tasks in order to create a
short dance piece with an original soundtrack composed by our musician Ross.

Our show, W-Hat About? is aimed at children 6+ and families and is a wonderful story of two young Italian sisters who go on a journey to visit their
grandfather, a hat maker who lives in a cottage in the Scottish countryside.

Using dance, music and the spoken word, much humour and many adventures, the value of grandparents is highlighted and the special relationships between
generations and contrast in Italian and Scottish cultures too.

For further information or to book a place on the workshops please contact ashley.a.pilling@gmail.com (Ashley Pilling), or call 07432188704


Creation and Lab Station return!

Creation and Lab Station, our weekly drama workshops open to everyone aged 8 to 16 years return for a brand new year of workshops and performances. In a change for the new year both groups now start their sessions at 6pm providing plenty of opportunities for them to work together. Geraldine Heaney, Creation Station’s Lead Artist was excited to be back for a new year of activity:

“It was great to start back with Creation Station and see so many new faces. There’s lots of great energy, ideas and personalities and I can’t wait to get to know everyone better and find out their ideas for what we will make next!

This week we joined up with Lab Station (to make Co-Lab Station!) and ran a giant workshop all together. I’m going to Belgium next week to work with the PUSH EU project and a group of artists from Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Scotland. The project is about how we explore various difficult topics with children and young people. The topic for the group of artists in Belgium next week is (Over)Protection. So I asked Co-Lab Station to help out by sharing some of their ideas and thoughts on the topic. Film to follow but here’s a few pictures of the session from Monday night.”

For more information about PUSH EU - http://www.pushproject.eu/

Artists at work
Creation Station


1 Sep 2017

Here at Platform we offer a diverse number of concessions that allow you to purchase tickets at a discounted rate.

For all concessions information, including all of the information about our discount scheme for local members, please click here.

If you need further clarification on the pricing above please telephone 0141 276 9696 (opt 1) or email info@platform-online.co.uk

Homemade Play Cafe!

9 Aug 2017

This week I worked along side Visual Artist Jenny Brown to create a “Home Made” Play Cafe. We’re both mothers of young children and understand how challenging it can sometimes be to find new ways to engage and play with our kids at home…especially when it rains 99.9% of the time. With this in mind we were interested in creating a space that was filled with ideas that could be easily recreated at home for a low or no cost. We spent the day before filling endless freezer bags with gels, liquids and random objects ready for small hands to squeeze and explore.

We filled Tupperware with water, fresh mint, lavender and rose petals and froze it overnight, this slowly melted throughout the session revealing amazing smells and textures. We made dens to hide and relax in, filled cushions with fresh mint, and hung pots and pans to be bashed into oblivion. All of these stations (among others) were tied together with a colourful map on the floor marked out with electrical tape; the children and grown-ups could follow the paths and decide where to go. We hope it inspired lots of ideas, and of course that everyone had lots of fun! Jenny and I will be back in October for a Halloween special…

Artists at work

Summer Festival Days are coming!

24 Jul 2017

Inviting everyone out this weekend for a double whammy of festival fun for all of the family!

Saturday 29 July welcomes the Alexandra Park Festival Day which kicks off in fine summer style. With live music, food & market stalls, kids activities and inflatables plus much much more this is a day out packed with fun and entertainment. 12noon - 4pm and entry is free. Follow all the fun and share the Alexandra Park Facebook event

Make sure you save some energy for Sunday 30 July for The Bridge Family Festival which returns for another year. Enjoy live music, children’s actvities, carnival drummers, sports tasters, swimming pool party, community stalls and a Made in Easterhouse market with homemade arts, crafts, food and clothes. 12noon - 4pm - free entry - The Bridge, 1000 Westerhouse Road, Glasgow, G34 9JW Invite all your friends to the Bridge Festival day on Facebook

We can’t wait to welcome you all there!

Creation Station enjoy successful opening night!

28 Jun 2017

Last night Creation Station, our youth theatre group for children aged 8-11 years performed their brand new show Creation Station to the Rescue?

Presented to a full house of friends, family, Platform Associate Artists and members of the public, the show was a great success. Afterwards we spoke to Geraldine Heaney who, along with Sarah Short, has been working with Creation Station to create their brand new work. Here’s Geraldine:

“Pretty much every week after Creation Station, Sarah and I chat about how much fun we’ve had and how lucky we are to work with such exciting, imaginative, energetic and funny young people.

This week especially has been a treat, not only because we got to spend 3 days in rehearsals with Creation Station but also because on Tuesday we got to share all the hard work that the group have put in with friends and family.

Thank you to Creation Station for your energy, ideas, fun and bringing Hope to us all for the future!

I already can’t wait for next term!

Oh and here’s the Unicorn video taken from the show last night:”

Unicorn from Geraldine Heaney on Vimeo.

Creation Station get ready for opening night

26 Jun 2017

​Creation members have been working hard to get their new show ready for opening night on Tuesday 26th June at 7pm. Tickets are free so book one here and join us for what promises to be a very special evening as Creation Station share what they have been up to this term.

Music and banner making at Culture Cafe

25 Jun 2017

Those attending ​Culture Cafe are currently making some huge banners for use at a variety of upcoming summer events including Merchant City Festival and fun days at Alexandra Park and here at Platform. For those interested in making music and writing songs, musician Howie Reeve is also currently leading a song writing project too and the video below features a song that he worked on with Culture Cafe regular Susan Milligan.

Susan and Howie at Culture Cafe from Platform Glasgow on Vimeo.

Culture Cafe runs every Sunday between midday and 2pm in the cafe at The Bridge. Culture Cafe is free of charge and there is no need to book in advance, simply turn up and get involved!

For more information please contact Programme Coordinator Anna Lomas: anna@platform-online.co.uk

Outskirts 17’ Brings it all Together

10 May 2017

Platform’s annual festival of experimentation and excellence returned on the 22nd April with an impressively diverse line-up of artists and activity!

The festival brings many aspects of the Platform programme and community together, utilising spaces throughout The Bridge Easterhouse – including areas that are not normally used for performances and art installations.

The days programme ranged from the beautiful sounds of singer Josephine Foster to the extremely loud performance by Karl Jay-Lewin, Nic Green’s powerful Cock Bull to the playful workshop with Jane Fondue and the Raclettes. (Cheesy Cheesy) The day took us away with the surreal live score from Sound of Yell and culminated with the inspiring Easterhouse Conversation performance from Steev Livingstone and Suse bear.

Scroll through images and videos above Including recapping our Instagram Story of the day and a clip from performance by Ortonandon with Fallopé and the Tubes!

Continue to share your pics with us using #OUTSKIRTSfestival and join our mailing list to be first to hear about next years line up!

Just the Ticket for Scotland’s Toddlers

9 Apr 2017

Starcatchers Scotland’s National Arts and Early Years Organisation has launched a new fundraising scheme, Forward for Families, to provide theatre seats for very young children and their families in need across Scotland.

Platform is delighted to be one of the first three venues in Scotland to be part of this new scheme, which has an initial fundraising target of £800 and will directly benefit 45 families across the three communities involved. The other venues are The Byre Theatre in St Andrews and Macrobert Arts Centre in Stirling.

A recent study suggests more than 200,000 children are growing up in poverty in Scotland. Scottish Government Social Research consistently evidences that access to theatre and cultural experience enriches lives and impacts positively on health and well-being. However a Starcatchers audit of audience participation suggests 72% rarely engage in cultural experiences with their babies and many have never engaged with their local community arts venue.

Forward for Families asks those that love the theatre to pay forward a ticket, allowing another family in their community or further afield to engage in the shared-experience. Donations start at £5, which is a step towards a full ticket, £10 to buy a big or little seat, £20 to admit an adult and child or £40 to include four seats.

The fundraising will allow a certain number of seats to be allocated within the Scottish tour of Starcatchers and Edinburgh based dance company Curious Seed’s new dance, live music and theatre experience new dance, theatre and live music production MamaBabaMe – aimed at babies aged 18 months – 3 years and their parents and carers. MamaBabaMe arrives at Platform on Saturday 10 – 11 June and tickets are also on sale to the general public. See here for more details.

The pilot phase of Forward for Families will test how audiences respond, with the aim of the fund being embedded into Starcatchers touring model, providing seats for families at future productions at venues across Scotland.

The fundraising campaign will run from Monday 10th April – Friday 19th May. Donations can be made here and also by textgiving by sending STCR00 [amount] to 70070.

Platform Spring Time Tea Dance Delights!

3 Apr 2017

We invited people from the local area to enjoy tea and cakes and then get up and boogie to the sounds of That Swing Sensation Band.

We were delighted to have the Kennedy Cupcakes on hand to lead on the dancing, guest vocalists, and more than enough quicksteps, foxtrots and waltzes to satisfy first-timers and veterans alike.

Our auditorium was transformed into an amazing ballroom featuring beautiful handmade art works and table cloths created by local people.

Caroline McKenna from Rutherglen said “This was our first time at the dance and it was fabulous. We were treated so well and can’t wait to attend the next one.”

Thank you to everyone who made it such a success!

We look forward to hosting more Tea Dances here at Platform - so keep in touch via our mailing list!

What Mum means to me?

30 Mar 2017

In February, Class P7 of St. Rose of Lima took part in a series of workshops exploring the theme of What Mum means to me? A nationwide project instigated by the American Mothers Fund who nurture creativity and celebrate motherhood funded via the Voluntary Action Fund. Sally Hackett and Amy Pickles led the workshops. Together they aimed to create a large-scale collaborative work and individual portraits of people who care for them. See below an insight into the project by Amy Pickles:

Sally and I started by inviting the class to create both figurative and abstract portraits of people who cared for them. Through printmaking methods we expressed how you feel when you are cared for and what we appreciate about care and who it comes from. Colour, shape and pattern were used to make images based on the individuals each child identified as nurturing them - by asking simple questions and tasks such as:

Can you draw their favourite weather?

Draw a line for the way they go to the shops.

Sketch how you make them laugh.

Can you make an image of the meal you think they would like you to make for them?

The first day was spent making a lot of imagery, which was used the next day to make one artwork together. Everyone was asked to cut up the work they had made into different shapes, and arrange it on the wall as a new piece. The prints were made in stages. Layering up pieces on the wall encouraged everyone to look with more focus at the artwork, as well as interlinking the stories of people’s families and friends.

Referencing the political history of printmaking - functioning to not only send a message, but spread an idea, the class made individual mono prints of someone giving them advice. The language of advice was included in the work we made together, as everyone painted the phrase of advice they could remember being told. The paintings were then placed amongst the cut outs as slogans dispersed throughout the work. The slogans ranged from serious to silly, but all resonated with the protective sense we hold when trying to advise the ones we love.

Now the words are passed on.

This project expands on earlier research into care and motherhood Sally and I undertook during a month long residency at the Creative Lab, CCA under the title – Who Nurtured It? in July 2016. The residency involved inviting both our mums to join us. Together we investigated learning and creativity from our childhoods to present day. Both our mums (Sara and Lindy) have been teachers most of their professional lives and have, between them, worked across social work, primary education, community settings and higher education. We discussed the influence of our parents jobs on the decisions myself and Sally make about our own professions, and in turn what influence these roles have on the art we make.

Talking about learning, in all forms, our conversation always returned to risk and vulnerability. We decided these were necessities for personal and social change. That art making was a perfect way in which to safely take a risk or feel vulnerable. Doing something you have never done before in an art class, can open you up to other experiences you feel uneasy about, that have before seemed to difficult to try. Art enables you to embrace uncertainty.

Making portraits without faces, cutting up and rearranging a work you thought was finished, combining it with other people’s artwork and making work about another person not yourself, were all ways to create a sense of risk and uncertainty in the classroom. Doing things without knowing the outcome, but doing it together so it can be embraced and stays fun.

Visual Arts

News Just in Easterhouse

23 Mar 2017

Last night saw members of the Platform Young Company perform News Just In Easterhouse, their co-production​ with Glasgow based theatre company Random Accomplice. It was a really fun evening as for one night only the news from across Easterhouse was broadcast live in front of a studio audience.

The show was directed by Random Accomplice’s Julie Brown, written by Platform Associate Artist Lewis Hetherington and featured original sound from Ross Brown and some short films from Jamie MacDonald.

Mary Gapinski and Julie Brown were joined onstage by Isabel Nichols, Neila Stephens, Jade Taylor and Marissa Bonnar from the Platform Young Company.

The performance featured numerous short films from the various community arts projects that Platform is currently supporting across Easterhouse as part of the People in Communities programme we are delivering in partnership with Blairtummock Housing Association.

For anyone interested the final film of the evening is available below.

Congratulations to all involved!

Most Impressive new music video!

The Boys, a band of local young people that meet weekly at the Glenburn Centre, present their new video Most Impressive. Created as part of their ongoing collaboration with Platform Associate Artists KOR! Records, the song and video is, as the title suggests…most impressive!

The picture above was taken as Chris watched his new video for the first time.

Congratulations to all involved and thanks for sharing!

Most Impressive - The Boys from KOR! Records on Vimeo.

For a little more information about what KOR! Records have been up to at the Glenburn Centre - check out the film below:

KOR! Records at the Glenburn Centre from Platform Glasgow on Vimeo.

This film originally featured in live performance News Just In Easterhouse presented by the Platform Young Company and Random Accomplice.

The footage was filmed and edited by Airship23 with original sound from Ross Brown and you can read more information about the performance here

Adult Learning Party

21 Mar 2017

This Friday Platform Glasgow are hosting a celebration of Adult Learning here at ‘The Bridge’ building in Easterhouse.

Please find some helpful information regards reaching us here

With learning opportunities and taster sessions for all, we look forward to welcoming you from 11-2 this Friday 24th March!

You can follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Booking open for music classes new term

20 Mar 2017

Fancy learning the fiddle, drums, guitar or keyboard? Then give us a call we run regular classes in all 4.

Booking is open from 20th March and term starts April 24th - end June

(All classes run during the May Monday holidays)

Classes are priced

£65 Standard Price

£50 Concession & Local Links

* £40 Rebooking offer – Returning music class participants can save £10 by rebooking before Friday 21 April to qualify for this offer. To do so please select local links price then enter the rebooking promo code in the March 2017 music class participant letter. After this date all other prices apply above.

See all the classes in our To Do section

Book online or give us a call 0141 276 9696


Platform Associate Artists | Gordon Douglas

9 Mar 2017

Platform is delighted to have Gordon currently working on a body of new work. In 2013, Gordon was involved in our annual Glasgow School of Art fourth year exhibition and produced a live performance accross the swimming pool and auditorium. Since graduating, Gordon has continued to work with Platform leading to conversations around partnership working, the way multiple organisaions occupy and buildings and the connections with people who use the building.

What has been your favourite previous project at Platform?
Made in Easterhouse - Deirdre Nelson and local craft groups, alongside selections from the GEAC archive; Glasgow School of Art annual partnership exhibitions; Chad McCail’s giant wall mural and Alex Frost’s new Easterhouse mosaic are two really great pieces of art that have occupied that space too! Platform’s 10th Birthday Party of course!

What is your first memory of Platform?
My first experience with Platform was a tour of the entire building by Margaret McCormick as part of the Glasgow School of Art partnership exhibition. We were all blown away by the succession of different facilities as the tour went on: a swimming pool, a library, a theatre, a cafe, a college, a dance rehearsal space! Whilst we walked round, Margaret introduced us to the many, many groups who form the larger community around the building. It’s a really special and welcoming place, and even from the first time I came here, I could tell it meant a great deal to everyone involved.

Can you tell us a little about your practice?
I’m a performance artist who organises projects and events with creative partners from a wide variety of different practices. Previous collaborators include: artists, dancers, designers, educators, fan-fiction writers, jewellers, post-punk musicians, philosophers, and theatre-makers. I am interested in the ways people work together, and what impacts these working dynamics have on the culture they produce. I believe in performance as a discipline and lifestyle, and I hope that through the education of performance, we can achieve a greater political understanding of our actions.

What is it that you enjoy about working at Platform?
I enjoy working at Platform because of the absolute energy that surrounds each and every activity here. The vigour from everyone that goes into producing a communal and inclusive culture is tremendous and exciting. I am fascinated by the ways in which so many different organisations, and groups of people can co-inhabit the building so effectively.

I enjoy that every day is different, and there’s no specific rhythm to the way in which the building operates. It reminds me of a rainforest, a space were life flourishes in different cycles maximising on the wealth of nutrients generated and shared through being close.

I enjoy the kindness and generosity I feel from everyone here. I feel so different here, than when I’m in arts and cultural venues closer to the centre of Glasgow and elsewhere. What the community around Platform has, is truly unique.

Current projects
Habits of the Coexistent with Jamie Kane, Adam Lewis-Jacob, Emmie McLuskey, Helen Savage and Platform; Introduction to Performance with students of Edinburgh College; A Social Report with The Newbridge Project, Newcastle.


Sprog Rock TV take over Play Cafe

22 Feb 2017

Play Cafe ​this week was taken over by a team of reporters from Sprog Rock TV - see what they got up to in the video below!

Sprog Rock TV Playcafe Feb from Geraldine Heaney on Vimeo.

Residency Call Out for Applications

31 Jan 2017

The Work Room is an artist led organisation with a programme of supported, choreographic residencies as it’s core.

Applications are now open for ‘The Work Room Residencies’ between July to December 2017.

“The Work Room are delighted to offer new residency opportunities for our members as part of this period, along with along with Platform, the Beacon Arts Centre and Imaginate.”

Full details on these opportunities including how to apply can be downloaded below.

TWR Residency call out - July to Dec 2017 (PDF)

Local Links at Platform

25 Jan 2017

Platform’s Local Links scheme offers great discounts to those living in one of the postcodes below.

Membership is FREE and once you join Local Links, you can enjoy at show at Platform for as little as £4 — which is less than half price.

To become a member please call our Box Office on 0141 276 9696 (opt 1) or pop in and speak to one of the Platform staff.

Eligible postcodes are:

G11, G15, G40, G31 1–5, G32 0, G32 6–9, G33 1–6, G34 0, G34 9, G40 1–4, G69 6–8, G71 7

Annie Love, pictured above (74) from Cranhill has been visiting Platform over the last few years and is a member of Local Links.

Annie said: “I take part in drama groups, attend art exhibitions and use my Local Links discount to visit Platform performances — it’s a brilliant way to see lots of different shows for heavily discounted prices. Culture Café on a Sunday is also wonderful. It’s free and drop in and I like going for the company and interaction — plus there’s a different activity each week to enjoy.”

Work with us!

23 Dec 2016

2016 was Platform’s 10 year anniversary, an exciting point in our company development. We are a small, dedicated team that deliver a participatory arts programme across performance, music and visual art and engage with audiences in the East End of Glasgow, Scotland and beyond.

We are now recruiting for a Finance Officer, and are also looking to expand our pool of casual Front of House Assistants.

Please send your completed Application and Self Declaration form with position applied for in email subject line to jenny@platform-online.co.uk

Look forward to hearing from you.


Work at Platform: Front of House Assistant

Variable hours as required
£8.25ph Glasgow Living Wage

Platform is the thriving arts centre at the heart of the award-winning Bridge complex in Easterhouse. We are seeking to expand our pool of casual front of house staff who are the important first point of contact to our customers. We are looking for enthusiastic and positive individuals to join our expanding team at an exciting time in our development.

The Front of House Assistants provide the warm welcome to Platform and play an vital role in helping to promote our programme and deal with customer enquiries. You will be part of a casual pool of approximately 20 people and work as part of a small and supportive team. You will be available to work evening and weekend shifts.

Deadline for applications is noon on Friday 19 February 2017 with interviews planned for February / March 2017.
Please e-mail Kenny Parker at kenny@platform-online.co.uk if you would like to discuss the role further.
Please send your completed Application and Self Declaration form, with position applied for in email subject line, to jenny@platform-online.co.uk

Download links below:
​Front of House Assistant Job Description
Front of House Assistant Application Form (Please download and complete the ‘DOC’ version of this file)
GEAC Self Declaration Guidelines
GEAC Self Declaration Form (Please download and complete the ‘DOC’ version of this file)

Work at Platform: Finance Officer

Permanent post
21 hours per week
£22,000 per annum pro rata plus company pension scheme

Platform, the thriving arts centre at the heart of the award-winning Bridge complex in Easterhouse is recruiting for a Finance Officer to join our expanding team at an exciting time in our development. We seek an experienced finance professional to lead on the inputting and delivery of all finance systems across the company.

Deadline for applications is noon on Friday 10 February 2017 with interviews planned for Thursday 16 February.

Please e-mail Jenny Crowe at jenny@platform-online.co.uk if you would like to discuss the role further.

Download links below:
Finance Officer Job Description
Finance Officer Application (Please download and complete the ‘DOC’ version of this file)
GEAC Self Declaration Guidelines
GEAC Self Declaration Application (Please download and complete the ‘DOC’ version of this file)

Celtic Connections 2017 at Platform

16 Dec 2016

Platform is proud to host three shows as part of Celtic Connections 2017!

20 Jan 2017

Rayon with Gaelic Psalm Singers

Rayon are lead by Markus Acher of Notwist and feature Sachiko Hara, Cico Beck, Karl Ivar Refseth, Anton Kaun and Tad Klimp. Dòl Eoin MacKinnon and Mairi Morrison are steeped in the tradition of Gaelic Psalm singing and together with their Psalm ensemble have selected some of their favourite Psalms for Rayon to compose new scores for.

21st Jan

Aidan O’Rouke, Alasdair Roberts, Alex Neilson and Stephanie Hladowski

A unique collaboration between four incredible and individualistic performers. featuring the combined talents of Aidan O’Rourke (Lau), Alasdair Roberts, Alex Neilson (Trembling Bells) and Stephanie Hladowski.

28th Jan

JAM (Just About Managing) With La Banada Europa

La Banda Europa is a potent symbol of how people from different backgrounds and cultures can come together in common purpose, united by music. This incredible night at Platform will be a collaborative performance by members of the band and friends.

Tickets now on sale, click each event for more info and availability!

A bus will leave Mono (12 King’s Court, Glasgow) at 6.30pm and return after the show.

A return ticket costs £5 and can be purchased in Monorail.

Please email: info@platform-online.co.uk to reserve a ticket.


Platform launches Winterfest with help from Rapunzel and her reindeer!

28 Nov 2016

We have been working with a range of partners and community based groups to launch Winterfest; a programme of festive activity and celebration at The Shandwick Centre and across Greater Easterhouse.

Winterfest launched on the 25th Nov and continues over the next two consecutive Fridays and Saturdays: Friday 2 and Saturday 3 December; Friday 9 and Saturday 10 December in the lead up to Christmas at The Shandwick shopping centre and includes a whole host of festive family activities including Christmas Arts and Crafts, Stocking Filler Market and live Reindeer visits. Winterfest also promotes festive fun across Greater Easterhouse including Platform’s festive show Rapunzel, Craft Fayres and Santa’s Grottos galore.

Winterfest is part of Thriving Places Easterhouse, an initiative in nine areas of the city giving local people a chance to change their community.

Cllr Maureen Burke, Chair of Thriving Places Easterhouse said:

Easterhouse has so much going on in the run up to Christmas and Winterfest brings together two important Thriving Places features: opportunities for local people to tell us what they think about their community and a chance to celebrate what already exists which is an amazing amount of grass roots activity. It’s an exciting time for Greater Easterhouse and we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to benefit”

Community Organiser Maggie MacBean Orr, Thriving Places Easterhouse said of Winterfest:

“Local nurseries talked to us about their hopes for Christmas activity. Loads of brilliant activity already takes place every year across Greater Easterhouse. The festive season is the perfect time for local folk to celebrate their community, we want people to talk to us about Easterhouse; what’s working, what’s not but also just enjoy a really great time with their family and friends in the run up to Christmas.”

10th Anniversary Film: This is Platform

11 Nov 2016

In 2015 Platform Associate Artist Geraldine Heaney was commissioned to spend a year documenting everything that goes on here in the venue.

This project formed an integral part of Made in Easterhouse, our month long celebration of the building, the people that engage with it and they work that we programme and produce.

A huge thank you to everyone that made a contribution to the film.

If you have any comments or feedback on what you see we would love to hear from you - please send your thoughts to: info@platform-online.co.uk

You can also read a recent interview with Geraldine here

The film was premiered at our EPIC Celebration Day on Friday 28th October and we are delighted to share it with you now…

10th Anniversary

Platform Associate Artist | Katy Dye | Made in Easterhouse

3 Oct 2016

​Katy, what is your first memory of Platform?

I first went to Platform to see a performance by Caroline Bowditch. I remember that it was a dark winter night and the building felt very warm and friendly inside.

What do you enjoy about working in the building?

I enjoy the friendly and inspirational people I work with, and how I come into contact with so many different kinds of people, who all have different experiences and come from different walks of life. I enjoy working in a place where creativity is seen as a vital part of a community and where experimentation is valued.

How would you describe yourself and the work you make?

I am a theatre maker who is interested in dehumanisation, censorship and freedom of speech. I aim to create devised performances to invite audiences to re visit difficult aspects of human nature, and think about how we can begin to acknowledge and talk about their effects. In recent performances I have explored ideas of otherness, feminism, performance in places of conflict and how performance can be used as a re-humanising act. I am interested in creating work that gets audiences to create their own moral guidelines. I see performance as a way in which societal rules can be confused and distorted, and where we can transform into anyone/anything. I draw from personal experience, interview,

iconography and exploration of materials and image.

What are you currently making?

At the moment I am working with the Creative Collective at Platform on mapping our stories of Easterhouse. We are looking to do this through use of recorded sound, technology, walking, guided tours, map making and even ghost stories.

I am also continuing to work with children in Play Station, where we meet each week to play games, explore creative ideas and make performances.

In terms of my solo practice I am working on making a new performance called Flag which is to be performed at The Rich Mix in London in November as part of their Radical Ideas commissions and celebrations of the history of the East End of London. Flag is an investigation into Union Jacks, fluttering bunting, pride and shame, and the ambivalence of contemporary British identity. It may also include The Spice Girls…

I am also working on touring and developing a performance called Baby Face which is a piece that explores the infantilisation of adult women. The piece was performed last year at Camden People’s Theatre as part of Calm Down Dear festival of feminist performance, and at Buzzcut in Glasgow this year. It is due to be performed in Bristol 2017.

Katy’s work with the Creative Collective will be shared as part of the Made in Easterhouse Festival - for more information about the festival click here

Visual Arts
10th Anniversary
Artists at work

Platform Associate Artist | Nik Paget Tomlinson

30 Sep 2016

​Nik is a very familiar face for anyone that has visited Play Cafe over the last three years. A fantastic musician and performance maker Nik has delivered loads of creative and enjoyable sessions and there are plenty more coming up over the year ahead! Here he talks a little about his work and why he enjoys working at Platform:

Nik, how would you describe what you do?

I am a musician/composer and sound designer. I very much enjoy experimenting with using technology in a creative way to enhance a theatre experience. I am also a collector of sounds, I often travel equipped with a digital audio recorder in order to capture any interesting sounds I might hear.

What are you currently working on?

Soap & Bubbles [which will be familiar to regular Play Cafe audience members!], The Sound Lab and an as yet untitled Interactive Dance piece!

Do you enjoy spending time at Platform?

I very much enjoy spending time at Platform, it is an excellent environment to develop and create work as well as a great place to see high quality productions. One of my favourite things about Platform is that I am constantly bumping into highly creative people whenever I’m there, I feel a real sense of community both in an artistic and in a local sense.

Charlotte Allan visits Play Cafe

28 Sep 2016

​On Wednesday 14th September Charlotte Allan visited Play Cafe and made some sound recordings of the session. These are now available to listen to by following this link

Hope you enjoy the tracks and we look forward to welcoming Charlotte and her team back to Play Cafe soon!

Chrysalis Festival 2016

Following a year of full houses, Chrysalis returns this November for its second festival weekend to Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre. New elements have been added, as well as even more exceptional works by emerging young talent.

Building on last year’s success, the second Chrysalis Festival brings together seven selected youth theatre groups from across Europe to perform dramatic pieces written by them. Each will showcase their ambitious work at the Traverse Theatre over three days from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th November 2016.

Groups taking part this year include Deptford’s Sound Like Chaos and The Albany, Tron Young Company and Platform young Company, both from Glasgow, and Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre from Malta. Themes explored this year range from love and war to coping with loss and surviving the end of the world. New for 2016, the Crysalis Emergence strand presents three 20-minute experimental and risk-taking new works-in-progress by promising young theatre makers. Audiences will have the chance to enjoy a variety of original voices and fresh perspectives and also contribute their thoughts and ideas on how each piece might develop.

Running alongside the main performance programme, Chrysalis Too offers a curated series of workshops and talks focusing on current trends and challenges in contemporary theatre practice.

Chrysalis is an important new festival on the capitals cultural calendar. With the 12 main Edinburgh Festivals confirming that they attracted as many visitors as the World Cup, the nation can be proud of its creative reputation around the world. But there are other important grass-roots festivals helping to push the vanguard of new work and activity year round in the city. The Chrysalis festival of emerging talent at the Traverse Theatre joins a number of other innovative mini-festivals that help to grow Scotland’s reputation for innovative arts.” Kenny McGlashan, CEO of Youth Theatre Arts Scotland

Tickets and festival ticket packages are available via the Traverse Theatre Box Office at www.traverse.co.uk or 0131 228 1404

Platform Associate Artist | Sarah Short | Made in Easterhouse

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a large scale project in conjunction with Universal Comedy and North Lanarkshire Council, working with vulnerable adults to create a piece of comedic work raising awareness of disability hate crime.

As well as these two projects I am working with Creation Station at Platform. Sadly, due to time constraints, this will be the first year in a long while that I will not be working with Play Station too.

How would you describe the work you make?

It is hard to succinctly describe my broad ranging practice – I go by many titles; performer, actor, comedian, director, writer, maker. Facilitator and enthusiast.

Whatever the project I am working on I always ask myself:

“How can this work offer a space to feel human connection.”

I think all art is the embodiment of connecting our feelings, our thoughts and our bodies – creating a moment in time when people can connect and a space that reminds us what it is to be a person floating around in infinite space.

Do you remember anything about the first time you visited Platform?

My first memory of Platform was the feeling that I got when I walked into the building. This bright, airy and creative space that felt like the best balance of freedom and support that an emerging artist could ask for.

What is it that you enjoy about working here?

I most enjoy the people I get to work with. All the artists I have collaborated with and the people young and old who make the building fun to be in. The people who make the work that takes place exciting and invigorating to be involved in.

Are there any particular projects that you have enjoyed working on?

One of my favourite projects within Platform was when I worked on “Jawtanic”. A piece of new work created by Creation Station that was performed in the main auditorium. The show took some serious inspiration from both the films Jaws and Titanic!

Pass it On, the performance that Sarah has been making with Creation Station will be performed at the Platform and Starcatchers and Platform Family Day as part of the Made in Easterhouse Festival for more information click here

10th Anniversary

Platform Associate Artist | Peter Lannon | Made in Easterhouse

​Pete, what is your first memory of Platform?

I came to see a performance by Lab Station called The Grandfathers - which was amazing, and still one of the best performances by a young company I’ve ever seen. The same year I brought my dad and sister to see Hansel and Gretel - the Christmas show that year. It was great!

How would you describe the work that you make?

I am a performer and director. I make performances that take their inspiration from real-life stories and experiences, and that attempt to ask big questions about the world we live in.

They’re often very physical, and sometimes incorporate live music. I like working with people of all ages and backgrounds, and a lot of my work is made with people who aren’t trained performers.

What is it that you enjoy about working in the building?

As well as being an amazing building with some really great spaces to work in, Platform is always full of brilliant people. There’s always a variety of things happening there which bring a mix of people together who you might not usually see in an arts venue, and that creates a really exciting atmosphere. As an artist it’s a mega inspiring environment to work in!

Creating Bird Bones at Platform over the past two years has been one of my favourite things to do. Everyone at Platform has been really supportive of it and working with Lennon and Olivia and the artistic team was really great.

I also recently worked with the brilliant Creative Collective and Matt Addicott to create Now We Are 10 - a performance about being 10 that was part of Platform’s birthday celebrations. Working with the group was a lot of fun and often absolutely hilarious.

What are you currently working on?

This October I’m performing in two shows as part of the Made in Easterhouse programme - Wild Life Sarah Hopfinger’s intergenerational show about wildness, and Bird Bones, a show I made at Platform in collaboration with Ellie Dubois and two local young people. It’s performed by two children and one adult (me), who run, jump, catch, hang, climb, spin, and fall. Bird Bones is about fragility, fear, and our relationships to death.

At Platform I’ve also been working with Geraldine Heaney and Kim Donohoe as part of Sprog Rock at Play Café, making music and performances for the under 5s and their families who come along.

I’m also working on Irene and Alex - a new performance made with Kim Donohoe about the unusual love between a research scientist and her test subject.

As well as my theatre projects, I’m part of KOR! Records, who are Platform associate artists too - check them out!

For information and to book tickets for Wild Life click here and for Bird Bones click here

10th Anniversary
Artists at work

Luminate: Scotland’s creative ageing festival

Beginning on Friday 30th September, we are celebrating the tenth month of our tenth year with our Made in Easterhouse festival. Lasting the whole of October 2016, we present performance, music, visual arts and participation.

The following exhibits and performances are being featured as part of Luminate: Scotland’s creative ageing festival. Luminate is an annual festival that takes place across the length and breadth of Scotland each October, offering the chance to celebrate creativity, share stories and to explore what age means to all of us.

Made in Easterhouse Exhibition

This exhibition kicks off the Made in Easterhouse festival. The exhibition is a celebration of creativity in Easterhouse past and present and ‘making’ in all its forms. Artist in residence Deirdre Nelson was inspired by the groups and individuals she met during residency and so presents a collective selection of objects which represent the diverse place that Easterhouse is in terms of location, heritage and people.

Fri 30 Oct - Sun 27 Nov


Wild Life

Wild Life is a live performance that is a meditation and celebration of wildness. Devised and performed by a collective of three children and five adults, and directed by Sarah Hopfinger, this is a fun, playful and wild inter-generational performance, which sits between dance, live art and contemporary performance.

Wed 12 & Thu 13 Oct

£8.50 / £5 / £4

Big Band Tea Dance

We are delighted to host this traditional tea dance led by a live band. With dance instructors on hand, tea, cakes, guest vocalists and more than enough quicksteps, foxtrots and waltzes to satisfy first-timers and veterans alike. Our auditorium will be transformed into an amazing ballroom featuring beautiful handmade art works and objects created by local people in collaboration with our artist in residence, Deirdre Nelson.

Fri 14 Oct

£8.50 / £5 / £4

For more detailed information about Luminate please visit their website or follow them on twitter @LuminateScot

Platform Associate Artist | Ellie Dubois | Made in Easterhouse

​Last year theatre maker and highly skilled performer Ellie Dubois worked alongside Pete Lannon and two local children to create Bird Bones a new and original performance exploring risk taking and what it is to be alive. Platform is delighted to bring the show back as part of our anniversary celebrations and here Ellie talks about her work and her feelings towards the venue.

Ellie, can you tell us a little about your work, how you make it and what inspires you?

I make contemporary performance that often has a circus element. I love circus. I love watching people push their bodies to their physical limits but I think that there are lots of areas still currently unexplored by circus artists and I am slowly in my own practice exploring them.

I want to make contemporary circus in Scotland that will eventually tour internationally - that is the dream!

And what is it about Platform that you like?

I always feel supported. No idea is too stupid to mention. I have been allowed time and space and money to help develop my work and become a better artist.

Bird Bones will be performed along with Broken on Wednesday 26th October 2016 as part of the Made in Easterhouse festival, for more information and to book tickets click here

10th Anniversary
Artists at work

Platform Associate Artists | KOR! Records | Made in Easterhouse

27 Sep 2016

​Ahead of SWITCH, a day long experimental music event suitable for all, the brains behind the idea Platform Associate Artists KOR! Records talk about what it is like to work in the building and share what they are currently up working on:

What was your first memory of Platform?

The whole KOR! Team have been members of the Platform family as individuals for many years.As KOR! Records, we had a meeting quite early on in the café with [Platform Music Programmer] Alun Woodward that we came away from really excited about what we were doing and all of the potential collaborations and projects.

What is it about the venue that makes you keep coming back?

There’s so many brilliant people at Platform.We are also excited by the opportunities to work with the wider networks Platform has with the people in the East of Glasgow.

There’s always space to take a risk at Platform and that is the kind of attitude we really appreciate!

And what are you currently working on?

We’re currently pretty busy! There is Band Together/Faces in the Crowd where we’re working with a group of teenagers in West Lothian to rehearse, record and perform their own music. We are holding a weekly drop in music session focusing on improvisation and experimentation with the Glenburn Community Centre and then there is SWITCH which sees us collaborating with Platform and Sensatronic Lab to host a punk DIY inclusive music event in October.

SWITCH will be held at Platform on Saturday 15th October as part of the Made in Easterhouse Festival for more information and to book tickets please click here

10th Anniversary
Artists at work

Platform Associate Artist | Eoin McKenzie | Made in Easterhouse

​Eoin has been heavily involved with Broken which will be performed by Lab Station, Platform’s performance group for everyone aged 12-18 years, as part of Made in Easterhouse on Wednesday 26th October, here he talks a little about his work and the connection he has to the venue.

Eoin, what is your first memory of Platform?

I started as a participant of the weekly drama classes when Platform first opened 10 years ago when I was around 9 years old, and I’ve just kind of stuck around since then!

What keeps you coming back?

What I love most about Platform is the space is always filled with people, so it kind of naturally has this sort of buzz which is a really nice environment to be a part of.

I think as well, for me, for them to help me develop when I was a teenager and became interested in performance more than just casually participating in it, was great. And now for them to continue to support me as a young artist as well is really fantastic! I’m a big fan of Platform!

Can you tell us a little more about your work, how you create performances and what you feel is important?

I’m really interested in using what I do as a performance maker to address things that I find relevant to myself or the people I’m working with; I guess this often means the work I’m involved with is political, personal and hopefully starts conversations. I try not to limit what I make to being on stage or in a theatre, as I often find stuff that happens in different spaces much more exciting!

So when I start making work, I often begin with a simple idea or thought and then just explore what that is and see where it goes – I like not knowing what I’m doing, that’s when I’m having the most fun! Currently, I’m working on a performance with projectors and karaoke, but it’s all still a bit up in the air right now – which is exciting.

Eoin has assisted Lou Brodie with the creation of Broken see it here at Platform as part of a double with Bird Bones on Wednesday 26th October. For more information and to book tickets please click here

Platform Associate Artist | Maria Giergiel | Made in Easterhouse

26 Sep 2016

​Maria has been working with Platform youth theatre groups for some years now - here she tells us what she is currently working on and what keeps her coming back to Platform.

Hello Maria! What are you currently working on?

At Platform I’m working with Creation Station on an early years performance project, which is really exciting!

I love working with Creation Station. I love that we try and work as a collective of artists and not in a top-down structure. I love that we don’t feel bound to making performance in only one way. Most of all, I love all of the ideas we come up with. Especially the ones I would never have thought of on my own!

I am also working with Starcatchers’ on the Expecting Something project in Fife for babies under 2 and their parents.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you make what you make?

My practice currently centres on making work for and with children and families and I’m really interested in making space for children and their parents to explore and play together, where we can try things out that might not work and not know the answer and feel okay in the not knowing.

I’m particularly interested in making performance for very young babies, although I’m not sure exactly how this might manifest yet. I’m looking at finding ways to bring technology into my work as it’s something I play with in my spare time but have never attempted to incorporate into my arts practice.

When did you first visit Platform?

I can’t believe it’s 5 years ago that I used to assist on the National Youth Theatre’s Now Your Turn workshops*, and I remember coming in for the first time and it feeling so busy and alive!

*This group is now called the Platform Young Company and more information about them can be found here

And what is it that you enjoy about working at Platform?

It’s a venue that cares deeply for artists and audiences equally. Artists are given space to explore and try things out and take risks, and audiences are given the chance to see some truly new and exciting work. I love the community of people who work at Platform; all the conversations that happen over a cup of tea; all of the hard work and all of the ambition to be better.

I’m so lucky to work alongside all of these amazing people. Long may it continue!

Pass it On - the early years performance that Maria has been making with Creation Station can be seen at the Starcatchers and Platform Family Day on Saturday 1st October - for more information about the event click here

10th Anniversary
Artists at work

Platform Associate Artist | Sarah Hopfinger | Made in Easterhouse

In 2014, as part of her PhD studies, Sarah created Wild Life with support from Catherine Wheels Theatre Company and Platform. Two years later we are delighted to support the return of this unique and exciting production as part of the Made in Easterhouse Festival.

Sarah, what is it that you enjoy about working at Platform?

I find Platform a brilliant community to be part of. The venue is outward-looking and open to artists and its local community. Matt and the rest of the team are so supportive of new ideas and projects, and there’s a feeling of excitement and possibility about the place and people. I enjoy how down to earth the place feels and the way that people of all ages and backgrounds use the venue.

Can you tell us a little about your practice, how you make work?

I am a theatre-maker based in Glasgow - I direct, perform and research performance. Inclusivity and collaboration underpin my practice and I work with a diversity of collaborators and performers, including children, adults (not trained in performance), professional performers and other artists (such as film-makers, musicians and visual artists). The performances I make involve, and sit between, choreography, dance, theatre, play and live art.

I am currently completing my PhD, which is practice-based research project into the relationship between performance and ecology. I am interested in how performance, in its process and product, can embody our human interconnectedness to the ecologies of the Earth.

Can you remember anything about your first visit to the venue?

It was pouring with rain outside and when I entered the building someone I didn’t know gave me a lovely smile and I immediately had a good feeling about Platform!

Sarah and the company of performers she is working with will present Wild Life as part of the Made in Easterhouse festival on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th October for more information and to book tickets click here

Platform Associate Artists | Pester and Rossi | Made in Easterhouse

​What is it that you enjoy about working at Platform?

We really enjoy working with young people and being a part of the community at Platform. We are interested in engaging young people in the work in order to explore how we make work.

We are interested in the broad range of activities, facilities and communities within Platform and surrounding environment and how these territories and communities intersect.

The Bridge and Platform are particularly interesting public spaces for us to work in as we are interested in public projects, ceremonies and events, which encourage engagement with a variety of audiences and are collaborative in nature.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your practice, how you make work?

We are a collaborative duo based in Glasgow whose work spans sculpture, performance and installation using a wide variety of media. We have been working together since graduating in 2008 on a range of projects including formally as part of the artist collective NOWNOW and currently as part of Glasgow-based band Fallopé & the Tubes.

We often use imagery, handmade props and costume relating to the body, along with its physical and metaphorical associations providing a sense of familiarity for the audience, all the while generating irony and humour. Our work presents aspirations and desires of a group of people, regularly playing out a fantasy. Our practice has been informed by working directly with various communities, specifically taking influence from groups of children and young people.

These immersive performances and social experiments take root in DIY culture with ideas relating to childhood nostalgia, public ceremony and a celebration of the home-made.

Ruby and Nadia work every week with Nu Generation, a visual art workshop for young people aged 11 and over. They have created big costumes and puppets for the winter and summer carnivals and will be sharing some of what they have been working on as part of the Made in Easterhouse festival

Platform Associate Artist | Geraldine Heaney | Made in Easterhouse

One of the 2016/17 Platform Associate Artists, Geraldine Heaney is often to be found in the venue and this October will be no different as she is involved with at least four different projects that will be presented as part of the Made in Easterhouse festival.

Geraldine, how did you first get involved with Platform?

I was invited to deliver some workshops with a Beat-boxer for Lab Station in 2010. Since then I have worked on projects in Nurseries around Easterhouse, performed in Hansel and Gretel, the Platform Christmas Show in 2011 and created lots of new work with Creation Station.

What are you currently working on?

I’ve spent lots of time creating a film of a year in the life of this excellent building! I’ve been present at lots of events over the tenth year of the building and look forward to sharing what I’ve made at the Made in Easterhouse EPIC Celebration Day on Friday 28th October. I’ve also been working with Starcatchers to create a film exploring the Early Years arts sector in Scotland over the last ten years. This will be shared as part of the Platform and Starcatchers Family Day on Saturday 1st October.

I also work with Creation Station, the weekly 7-12 year old Drama group at Platform and together we are currently creating a show for 3-6 year olds called Pass it On that will also be shared at the Platform and Starcatchers Family Day.

I am Co-Director of KOR! Records, a record label that run music projects for young people with additional support needs. We have been working closely with Platform and Sensatronic Lab and are really excited about SWITCH, an experimental music event for everyone on Saturday 15th October.

And, if that wasn’t enough, Geraldine can also be seen performing in Wild Life as part of Made in Easterhouse on the 12th and 13th October.

10th Anniversary

Made in Easterhouse News

25 Sep 2016

The Made in Easterhouse Exhibition opens a month-long festival of the same name on Friday 30th September from 4pm.

The exhibition is running through until Sunday 27th November and celebrates ‘making’ in all its forms. Artist-in-residence Deirdre Nelson has spent a great deal of time working with local groups to discuss both contemporary and historical aspects of Easterhouse. As a result of this body of research Deirdre will create a textile inspired by the micro and macro in the location and history of Easterhouse.

New collaborations have emerged involving sound, photography and textiles with sound artist Jason Singh and photographer Colin Tennant.

Join Deirdre and some of the people that she has been working with this Friday to celebrate their work and kick off the festivities for the tenth month of our tenth year!

The Made in Easterhouse Festival features a great deal of work created here at Platform by our current Associate Artists and we’ll be introducing you to them and their work over the next few days - watch this space…

Visual Arts
10th Anniversary

Eastern Promise 2016: Emma Pollock and Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) share top billing

22 Sep 2016

Part of our 10 year celebrations, Platform is proud to unveil the latest instalment of its mission to bring the finest musicians from near and afar to the east end of Glasgow with the sixth annual Eastern Promise festival – two nights of live music designed to enthral and energise, confound and provoke.

The headline act on the opening night is Emma Pollock, whose third solo album In Search of Harperfield drew lashings of praise upon its release in January – and rightly so. A career high, the album’s reception paved the way for a slew of tour dates and festival appearances including Latitude, the Edinburgh International Festival and the Green Man.

The second evening sees Platform welcome Alexis Taylor of the roundly adored electronic band Hot Chip. In 2016 Taylor released his second solo album Piano, a collection of original songs and cover versions delivered in a blissfully minimalist fashion.

From immersive songwriting to theatrical dance-pop via freeform folk and jangling melodicism, Platform is humbled to present 10 of the most engaging acts in contemporary music across two stages on October 7 and 8. The following acts complete Eastern Promise:

Modern Studies enchanting Glasgow-based chamber-pop quartet who release their debut album Swell to Great on Song, By Toad this autumn;
Rick Redbeard – the Phantom Band’s Rick Anthony dons his solo folk guise as second solo album Awake Unto (Chemikal Underground) gathers critical and commercial momentum;
Whyte – Achingly beautiful Gaelic vocals immersed in subtle minimal electronica;
Spinning Coin – Guitar urchins taking ragged melodicism by the scruff of the neck and breathing summery new life into the art of the pop song. Endorsed by Edwyn Collins and the Pastels … say no more.

Grumbling Fur – Psych duo Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan released their fourth album Furfour on Thrill Jockey earlier this year, an essential insight into a shared universe that spans comics, theology and untrammeled artistic experimentation;
Hen Ogledd – aka an unpredictable, uplifting collaboration between rebel folk singer-songwriter (and proud son of Newcastle) Richard Dawson and Welsh free harpist Rhodri Davies;
The Flexibles – a new trio featuring Richard Youngs, his son Sorley and Andrew Paine, whose debut album Pink Everything is released by Glasgow’s increasingly essential Night School Records;
Snails – an experimental pop trio from Bristol ploughing a furrow established by outsiders such as Syd Barrett, Kevin Ayers and Nico.

Eastern Promise takes place on October 7 and 8
Doors 7pm.
Tickets priced £10 per night or £15 for both nights, available from Monorail (monorailmusic.com), Tickets Scotland (tickets-scotland.com) and Platform (platform-online.co.uk). Platform also offers a Local Links ticket at £7.5 per night £11 for the weekend.

A bus will leave Mono (12 King’s Court, Glasgow) each night at 6.00pm and return after 11pm. A return ticket costs £5.

Art Factory Trip to studio of Mitch Miller

2 Aug 2016

Art Factory Trip to studio of Mitch Miller | WASPS, Hanson Street 

Tuesday 26 July 2016 

Platform have invited artist Mitch Miller to create a Dialectogram, the word, Dialectogram has been made up by Mitch to describe the type of drawings he creates. The drawings describe a place, and the life that makes it a place, from the point of view of local people. Through conversations with individuals and groups that meet at Platform, Mitch will create a Dialectogram of Platform and Easterhouse.

The Art Factory is Platforms weekly visual arts group for adults who Mitch will work alongside over the coming weeks. This period of time will be a period of research for Mitch as well as inspire the group to create their own new artwork that captures Platform and the surrounding area, as part of Platform’s 10 year celebrations in October.

On Tuesday, the group visited Mitch’s studio at WASPS, Hanson Street to hear more about Mitch’s art work and past projects. The Art Factory’s lead artist Heather Lander describes the trip here:

Blog entry:

“Today the Art Factory, the weekly Tuesday afternoon arts group based in Platform, the Bridge in Easterhouse, travelled to Wasps studios at Hanson Street to learn a bit about the mapping work of Mitch Miller. Miller has been commissioned by Platform to create a Dialectogram, his unique stylised version of a map of the building, and everything that goes on within it. In part to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the building itself, but also to engage with all of the people that regularly visit the Bridge. He invited us to visit his studio for a visit today, and shared a lot of creative thought processes that we will be bringing back with us to the Art Factory.

Mitch Miller has created several intricate dialectograms of the Red Road Flats in Glasgow before their demolition and the Brig bar, a now closed down completely underground historic Glasgow pub venue. He has also worked with mapping ideas in connection to established ‘travellers’ caravan sites within Glasgow. Very fascinating interpretations of the idea of the map as a story telling medium and so intricate and rich in their detail. These dialectograms tell the stories of the
places they map, with the artist and his personality coming through equally to those of the stories he is telling.

It was very inspiring for us, as the Art Factory will be creating and presenting its own unique visual map of Easterhouse and the Bridge as part of the ten year celebrations. In addition to Mitch Miller being commissioned to create his dialectogram, he will also be joining us each week at the Art Factory, to help us with our map and do his own research for his map. We are all looking forward to where this project takes us!”


Creation Station take over Play Cafe!

27 Jul 2016

Play Cafe was led by Creation Station this week who shared some ideas for their next show with families this morning.

Creation Station members Lennon and Maya along with honorary members Geraldine and Thom performed new material from the, as yet unnamed performance that the group will continue to work on ahead of their grand premiere which will form part of the Made in Easterhouse festival this October.

The material they shared today was lots of fun and featured loads of balloons!

From Platform Associate Artist Geraldine Heaney:

“Before the summer holidays Creation Station have been experimenting and thinking about how to make a show for children younger than themselves.

We stared by looking at childrens books and trying to work out what we thought 3-6 year olds like.

We spent time playing with balloons.

We spent time trying to make each other laugh.

We spent time telling funny stories about our younger friends, little brothers and sisters.

The performance seemed to go down well, we all had fun doing it and it’s given us lots of ideas to take back to the rest of Creation Station after the summer holidays.

We’re going to do this performance again on 1st October.

Expect balloons, boxes and a bit of anarchy!”

Programme announced for 10th birthday party

19 Jul 2016

We are delighted to announce the programme for our 10th birthday party!.

The event kicks off with a carnival parade starting from FARE which ends at The Bridge. But that is not where the fun ends - oh no. Then you can enjoy music from Mungo’s Hi Fi, Dharam Singh and the Dhol Drummers.

Plus there will be a pool party, market stalls and don’t forget the roller disco in our main auditorium.

Too see full list click here.

Visual Arts
10th Anniversary

Row Your Boat SOLD OUT

7 Jul 2016

Grinagog Theatre’s Row Your Boat is now sold out!

Don’t forget that there are 3 days of summer fun coming up later this month. There will be carnival parades and festivals at Alexandra Park on 23rd, Springburn 24th and at The Bridge on 30th July. More information here.


Lab Station go to NFYT

5 Jul 2016

NFYT is the National Festival of Youth Theatre, the UK’s largest annual gathering of youth theatres.

This exciting annual event is the only opportunity for Scotland’s youth theatre participants to come together, discover a shared passion and develop as artists, audience members and creative thinkers. With an emphasis on inclusion, education and collaboration, NFYT aims to remove barriers, teach valuable life skills and provide extraordinary new experiences.

Every year the festival welcomes around 250 young participants aged 14+ representing up to 15 different youth theatres from across Scotland and overseas.

Lab Station were honored to be performing this year, taking their devised show ‘Broken’ to the stage. Check out these great production photos!

More information about Lab Station and how to get involved is here.


Lab Station take on Italy!

28 Jun 2016

Some members of ​Platform’s senior drama group Lab Sation travelled to Italy to perform at an international festival of youth theatre in Pisa! Group member, Jack McGruer sent us this message:

Hi! We’ve been having a great time eating out, having loads of pizzas and pasta. The festival kicked off properly tonight with a great movement based performance exploring gender from a company in Essex. Yesterday we spent a few hours on the beach in Viareggio where we are staying, and today we took a trip through to Pisa. We’re all loving the life of international artists.

Check out their holiday snaps! Go Lab Station!

Summer Arts Camp FULLY BOOKED

27 Jun 2016

Our Summer Arts Camp places are now fully booked. However if you live locally in the Easterhouse area, please get involved with FARE, Innerzone, The Connie and Glenburn Centre’s summer programmes as they will be bringing some children along to take part in the Camp.

For more information about each of the local youth provider’s summer programme & availability please contact:

FARE – 0141 771 9151
Ask for Chris Kerr or Stefanie Mooney

Innersole/The Connie – 0141 781 9918
Ask for Sandie Armstrong

Glenburn Centre - 0141 781 2277
Ask for Andy Gilbert or Libby Brown

Visual Arts

Whats On at Platform Jun – Dec 2016

23 Jun 2016

It’s new, it’s pretty and it’s jam-packed with info on our upcoming season. Ladies and Gentlemen - may we present our June - December 2016 Whats On.

June - December 2016 is no ordinary season for us. We still have the usual favourites - Headspace, Gender Programming and Eastern Promises. However this is our 10th birthday and we will be celebrating it throughout the season. Firstly on 30th July we are having a birthday party with our partners in The Bridge. Then throughout the whole of October we celebrate the work we have created right here in Easterhouse… and it is called Made in Easterhouse!

Oh and we forgot to mention our festive offering, our family Christmas show Rapunzel and Christmas Carousal.

Happy reading…...click here.

P.s. you can also book tickets online - go on have a look here.

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10th Anniversary

We now have online booking!

22 Jun 2016

​We have now entered the 21st century! Yes we finally have online booking for all our future shows - look see!

If you want to claim your Local Links discount online then you need to register as a Local Links member first. Call in to Platform or call our Box Office to register on 0141 276 9696 (opt 1).

Happy Booking!

Visual Arts

Do You Come Here Often?

13 Jun 2016

Do you come here often? Have you got any stories about the building? Would you like to be in a film?

Platform is Turning 10 this year and one of our artists, Geraldine Heaney, is making a film to celebrate the exciting events, brilliant people and unique nature of Platform.

On Monday 27th June Geraldine is going to run a day long workshop to generate some material for the film and she’s looking for a group of people of all ages to come along and get involved.


The day will involve:

  • Games
  • Filming
  • Photography
  • Stories
  • Sharing ideas and…
  • Slmost definitely some birthday cake!!

It will be from 10am – 3pm with a lunch break.

If you are interested please contact Geraldine to sign up or to ask any questions.

Contact details:


10th Anniversary

Sewers and people with no experience of sewing required!

7 Jun 2016

Deirdre Nelson is currently artist in residence at Platform and is working on a project called #MadeinEasterhouse. The project documents everyday making and celebrates people, place and skills, challenging stereotypes of the area.

8 table cloths have been created and we are looking for people to join Deirdre to help embroider, design and create.

→ Light refreshments will be provided

→ No experience needed

Sessions are drop in 11am - 3pm

Jun 9 & 23

Jul 7, 21 & 30

Aug 4 & 18

Sep 1 & 15

For more information contact 0141 276 9696 or email info@platform-online.co.uk

Instagram → map_making

twitter → @map_MAKING


Visual Arts
10th Anniversary
Artists at work

May we introduce our new Artist in Residence - Edward Henry

3 Jun 2016

Project Ability is pleased to announce Edward Henry as the 2016 Artist in Residence at Platform in Easterhouse from 14 June to 19 July. Following on from Jonathan McKinstry’s residency last year, Henry will be working at Platform once a week for six weeks.

Project Ability and Platform have explored collaborations in many forms since ‘The Bridge’ opened ten years ago. Our annual exhibition of large paintings by artists in our Aspire group is one of the highlights of our exhibition calendar. Edward Henry is a local resident to Platform, and a highly talented, long-standing artist working at Project Ability in the Aspire programme.

Over these six week Edward will set up studio in ‘The Bridge’ and create work which will form part of our annual painting exhibition at Platform which runs from 9 June to 31 July. He will be supported throughout the residency by artist Scott Lang. Edward’s paintings most often depict real life scenes and still life in his distinctly recognisable style. A small selection of his paintings can be viewed on his Project Ability artists’ page, http://www.project-ability.co.uk/artists/edward-henry.

We are delighted to be working with Platform and to award Edward with this residency. We will post updates throughout the residency of the work Edward creates. Watch this space!

Visual Arts
Artists at work

Congratulations to our Try It Out Group

31 May 2016

Today our Try It Out group left Platform for Glasgow City Chambers to perform in front of an audience of over 200.

Over the past 4 weeks the young people have been based at Platform, working with staff and artists to gain valuable experience of what it’s like to work in a venue such as ours!

They were then asked to present some of their work at the Chambers.

They did a great job -we are so proud and we will really miss them… good luck!

Creation Station and The Old Woman Who Did Not Like Art

9 May 2016

During the Easter holidays Creation Station had an exciting opportunity to share the film they worked on last term The Old Woman Who Did Not Like Art at international art festival: Buzzcut.

Some members of the group attended the festival, saw a range of experimental performance art and met some interesting artist for Glasgow and beyond.

It was great to premiere the film at Buzzcut and now brilliant to be able to share it more widely - have a look here if you haven’t already!


The new term has started, a few new faces have joined us and we’re starting on a brand new project. More information on that soon…

Look what’s being created in Platform

Every day is a creative day at Platform. Just one example of this is Nu Generation - sessions run every Tuesday for anyone aged 11+ interested in creating their own artwork.

We have been astounding by the work created - see for yourself here

If you would like more information on Nu Generation click here.

Try it Out is underway

​We have something very exciting going on in the building at the moment. Young people are getting the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in the creative industries thanks to the Try It Out programme! Some of the participants will be working with artists to create a piece of work at the end of the 4 weeks. We will keep you up to date.

Good luck Tryitouters!

Memories of Outskirts 2016

28 Apr 2016

Outskirts 2016 was our most successful Outskirts ever so first and foremost we would like to thank YOU for coming along and sharing the event with us

As a thank you we thought we would post just a few images from the day ... enjoy

Visual Arts
Artists at work

Outskirts a success!

25 Apr 2016

​What a weekend!

Outskirts 2016 was sold out and what a great atmosphere in the building.

Crowds were treated to a very special collaboration between Scottish Album of the Year award winner Kathryn Joseph and The Twilight Sad front man James Graham who performed newly-written material, alongside longtime Joseph collaborator Marcus Mackay. Elsewhere, composer and pianist Matthew Bourne performed his new album moogmemory, and jazz duo Herschel 36 performed their new score for ground-breaking German silent film Wunder der Schöpfung.

Glasgow-based physical theatre group Company of Wolves presented A Brief History of Evil, while aerial artist and theatre-maker Ellie Dubois brought her award-winning one on one performance piece Ringside.

We also teamed up with the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts, hosting ‘nomadic installation’ Bitter Rose, Mega Hammer from Jedrzej Cichosz and Turner Prize nominee Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, as well as Hap Up Easterhouse from Platform’s artist in residence Mandy McIntosh.

Pro photos from the day will be with us soon, but until then check out some of the great comments from Facebook and Twitter:

They’re voices are a match made in heaven. It’ll be criminal if they didn’t release those songs! #outskirtsfestival | hussaina @blue405

Entertaining, engaging, funny & touching show from
@IshbelMcF @FERAL_Arts @PlatformGlasgow #outskirtsfestival | Avril Cadden @AvrilCadden

Our #GlasGigOfTheDay is #outskirtsfestival | GlasgowMusicCityTour

Had a great time with Ringside at the lovely Outskirts
festival @PlatformGlasgow. Exciting things happening in Easterhouse | Ellie Dubois ‏@ellie_dubois

All kinds of wild and weird stuff happening here
@PlatformGlasgow today for #outskirtsfestival | Beth Frieden @BethFrieden

How To Buy Tickets

22 Apr 2016

We are currently updating our website to include the option to buy tickets online.

In the mean time you can get your ticket for Outskirts through the Tickets Scotland website here or by calling the Platform Box Office on 0141 276 9696 (opt 1).

Deirdre Nelson Made in Easterhouse

21 Apr 2016

As a result of her residency, Deirdre Nelson celebrates making in Easterhouse through the project and exhibition of the same name, made in Easterhouse. The exhibition will feature artworks made by Deirdre and artists she has invited to work with Jason Singh and Colin Tennant. The artworks explore the area of Easterhouse mapping the area and its people.

In celebration of 10 years of Platform, the exhibition will host and celebrate the creativity of Easterhouse past and present. Craft, art, plays and compositions will be presented in celebration of Easterhouse and Platform. The exhibition will elevate ‘making’ and ‘made in Easterhouse’ in all its forms.

Follow and join us on our conversation #madeineasterhouse.

Instagram map_making

twitter @map_MAKING

Visual Arts
Artists at work

Take a trip on the Mono bus to Outskirts

​We are running a bus from Mono, Kings Court to Outskirts (and back again at the end). So we can make sure there are enough spaces we strongly urge you to pre-book. You can buy your return from Mono or email info@platform-online.co.uk to reserve your place.

Bus leaves Mono at 2:30pm


Outskirts Programme for the day announced

​We are so excited for Outskirts this Saturday. There is so much going on - music from Matthew Bourne, Kathryn Joseph, James Graham and Herschel 36; performances from Company of Wolves,Harry Wilson, Ellie Dubois and Ishbel McFarlane; visual art and fashion events from Mandy McIntosh, Mega Hammer, Bitter Rose, Deidre Nelson & Jason Singh; plus film screenings and sound installations throughout the day.

To see what is happening when click here or download the programme here

Visual Arts

Bird Bones

12 Apr 2016

Ellie Dubois and Pete Lannon have been working at Platform to rehearse and present Bird Bones a new and exciting performance featuring two members of Creation Station - our drama class for 8 - 12 year olds.


GI success

11 Apr 2016

The opening for Hap Up Easterhouse by Mandy McIntosh went really well. Great attendances and we even spotted people sleeping in the beds! Come and see the exhibition - it is free and open until 25 April

Visual Arts

Opening of Hap Up Easterhouse

7 Apr 2016

Mandy McIntosh has been our artist in residence over the past few months. She has been working with local residents and students of Glasgow Kelvin College to create print designs. These will be incorporated into fashion pieces and other items of upholstery like blankets.

So what does Hap Up mean? Well, it’s old Scots and means Wrap up and Stay Warm Easterhouse – it’s a reference to how the work on display can be literally used by Easterhouse residents to get cosy.

So come along and get cosy at our exhibition – open until 25 April.

Visual Arts
Artists at work

Spring Time Tea Dance Success

4 Apr 2016

We invited people from the local area to enjoy tea and cakes and then get up and boogie to the sounds of That Swing Sensation Band. We were also treated to dancing from the Kennedy Cupcakes.

The ladies did not have to leave their seats as they were waited on by the hugely professional and amazingly friendly students from Glasgow Kelvin College.

Table decorations were created by the participants who have been working with artist Deirdre Nelson under the banner #Madeineasterhouse


BUZZCUT and beyond!

Woah! We made it to the end of the term!

What an exciting term it’s been. We’ve shared lots of ideas, worked with interesting artists, created our own versions of Artworks and made a film.

The reason you haven’t seen the film yet is because it is going to premier at Buzzcut Festival.

Members of Creation Station will be attending the festival to present the film on Thursday 7th April at 4pm.

Another thing later in the month to keep your eyes peeled for at Platform is Bird Bones. Two members of Creation Station, Olivia and Lennon, have been working with Peter Lannon and Ellie Dubois on their new show.

Bird Bones is on at Platform on 15th April as part of Glasgow Youth Arts Hub Festival. (It’s for 12yrs+ so probably more for Creation Station fans, than members!)

Have a great break and I look forward to hitting the ground running when term starts back on 18th April!

Our beloved leader’s last day

1 Apr 2016

She has had an amazing 10 years building Platform’s reputation as a major leading community venue, even winning an award for audience www. She is moving on to Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock to be their CEO.

Jackie will be replaced by Jenny Crowe who officially starts on the 18th April. We wish Jackie all the best of luck and look forward to see where

Jenny will lead us for the future.


Play Station go to the moon!

26 Mar 2016

Popped into the Studio Theatre on Saturday to find that Play Station had traveled to the moon for their last workshop of term. Luckily they sent back this picture for us all!

Have a great holiday and we’ll see you on Saturday 23rd April for the first workshop of the new term!

Outskirts line-up announced

23 Mar 2016

Our annual celebration of cross art form experimentation returns this April with an impressive line-up of artists representing music, spoken word, film and moving image, visual arts, aerial performance and family events.

The full line-up has now been confirmed with extra names added including theatre-maker Martin O’Connor and sound artist Nichola Scrutton whose conversations with members of recovery cafes will form the basis of a sound installation; Platform’s artist in residence Deirdre Nelson’s who has collaborated with later life groups to produce a set of digitally printed tablecloths inspired by past and present Easterhouse; Performance maker, researcher and sound artist Harry Wilson presents Kairos a performance that explores relationship between performance and photography and O is For Hoolet – Ishbel McFarlane’s one-woman show about the Scots language.

They will be joined by 2015 Scottish Album of the Year winner Kathryn Joseph who teams up with The Twilight Sad singer James Graham for a unique collaboration; Glasgow-based “laboratory theatre company” Company of Wolves present A Brief History of Evil; Matthew Bourne performs Moogmemory, accompanied by visual artist Michael England’s moving images; audiences are invited to Ringside a one on one aerial performance from Ellie Dubois; acclaimed jazz duo Herschel 36 perform a specially commissioned score for Wunder der Schöpfung, the ground-breaking silent documentary.

This year Outskirts is collaborating with Glasgow International 2016 to present a mixed programme of work from Mandy McIntosh, Mega Hammer (a pop-up event from a collection of artists including Marvin Gaye Chetwynd & Jedrzej Cichosz) and Bitter Rose - a nomadic installation that invites audiences to join them on a walk from Bridgeton to Easterhouse.


Jenny Crowe announced as new arts manager at Platform, Glasgow

21 Mar 2016

Jenny Crowe has been announced by Platform in Easterhouse, Glasgow as their new Arts Manager, replacing current Arts Manager Jackie Shearer who will take up her role as Chief Executive at the Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock. Jenny will join Platform in April in this the tenth birthday year of the complex.

Jenny Crowe said: “I am delighted to be taking up the post of Arts Manager at Platform. Having previously worked in Easterhouse I know how special the venue is to local audiences. Platform has a fantastic community engagement team who have delivered ambitious forward-thinking projects over the last 10 years and I look forward to developing our future programme together.”

We look forward to welcoming Jenny to the team soon and also good luck at Beacon Jackie!


Men wanted

18 Mar 2016

As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations – we are hosting a Spring Time Tea Dance on Fri 1 April. Music will be provided by the awesome Swing Sensation Big Band. Our space will be decorated with artwork Made in Easterhouse but we have a shortage of men

So come join us for a wee celebration of tea, cakes and dance.

Platform announces their class in residence

1 Mar 2016

A part of our 10th anniversary celebrations we have appointed a “class in residence”. We are collaborating with fellow 10 years olds at Oakwood Primary School to deliver arts workshops and create lots of artistic displays to celebrate our 10th anniversary – more news soon



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