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Nu Gen: Online Art Group for 11 yrs +

14 Sep 2021 → 14 Dec 2021
Tuesdays → 5pm- 6pm
11+ yrs
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Nu Gen is a free, weekly art group for those aged 11 - 16 years old. It takes place online every Tuesday evening at 5-6pm via Zoom and is led by artist Alice Dansey-Wright.

If you are interested in drawing, painting or sculpture, studying art at school, generally like making things and fancy trying something new - Nu Gen is for you. No experience is required and everyone is welcome. The group is free to attend.

If you’d like to join the group or would like more information please email info@platform-online.co.uk for details. Visit our Latest section of the website you’ll find a blog post on some of the activities the group did previously during their online sessions.

Dates and times
Tue 14 Sep - Tue 14 Dec 2021*
Online on Zoom

*Please note the group will not run on Tuesday 12 October
Additional info

Kayla, member of Nu Gen said: I like that Nu Gen lets me show my style and inspires me to make and create art. I have been keeping creative at home with the inspiration we are given each week”.

Kayla (Image: Coulson & Tennant)
Kayla (Image: Coulson & Tennant)

Alice, leader of Nu Gen: “I work in both art and design and this includes painting murals, designing textiles and teaching art classes. At Nu Gen we look at all different topics, artists and techniques during Nu Gen - it’s a friendly group and we have lots of fun. Art is for everyone - there is no ‘right’ way to draw or be creative - the main thing is to get started and see what happens!

“A few ideas to try at home– focusing on kitchen inspiration! Draw your weekly shop or the contents of your fruit bowl/snack cupboard. Can you make art with food? Try making something simple with dried goods such as lentils, pasta and rice. Take a look at the work of Manami Sasaki and Haneefah Adam for inspiration”.


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