Music Classes: Platform Singers Choir

Fridays → 2.30pm - 4pm
16yrs +

Our Platform Singers choir takes place very Friday afternoon at 2.30pm. There is a social part to the session with a catch up and chat before the choir part starts - this kicks off at 2.30pm for around 20/30 minutes and joining in on this is entirely optional.

The choir is a fun, relaxed and informal group for those wanting to sing and meet new people. Led by a professional singer we are always looking for members of all ages and abilities to get involved. No previous experience is required - beginners welcome. The choir takes place within a private space within our building.

Some benefits related to singing include helping with breathing techniques, improving posture, lowering stress levels and providing a bit of a work out!

For more information please email info@platform-online.co.uk

You can read an interview with our choir leader Rachel HERE and check out some of her tips below left. And have a look at our Platform Singers video, which was filmed during Zoom sessions over lockdown - Platform Singers.mov

Please note you must pre book your space before joining/attending - do not attend until you have booking confirmation. 

Please do not travel to Platform if you feel unwell or have any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19. 

You are welcome to continue mask wearing in indoor public spaces in line with government and public health advice, though this is no longer a legal requirement. 

Hand washing facilities and sanitiser will be easily accessible before, during and after the workshop.

Dates and times
Fridays until 24 June 2022
2.30pm - 4pm
Additional info


These classes are offered on a Pay-What-You-Like basis or where you decide what to pay. You can pay online, at the class itself in cash or by card. Click the ‘book tickets’ link for more information and/or to pay.

Marlene, member of Platform Singers Choir, said: “Being able to go on Zoom with the choir during lockdown was been a positive thing for me. I felt like part of a community.”

Image: Coulson & Tennant

Marlene (Image: Coulson & Tennant)

Choir leader Rachel said: “Singing is fun and social and can also help with breathing techniques, improving posture, lowering stress levels and providing a bit of a work out! 10 minutes of singing a day can help clear sinuses, improve posture and release endorphins - your happy hormones.”

“If you feel stressed, sing or hum your favourite song – it will also help to calm and steady your breath! A few fun tips to make you smile: whisper beep bop to yourself and repeat until you are no longer sad, pinch your nose closed and say sneep snoop then boop-dee-doop in a really deep voice”.


Rachel (Image: Iain McLean)

Rachel (Image: Iain McLean)



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