Music Classes: Fiddle Lessons

Tue 16 Apr → Tue 18 Jun → from 5.15pm
5yrs+ & adults

Interested in learning to play the fiddle or need some help getting to the next stage?  

Led by professional musicians these classes are aimed at adults and children from age 5yrs and up, and open to beginners / all levels of experience.

5:15 – 5:45pm | children and young people (beginners) 

5:45pm – 6:30pm | children and young people

6:45pm– 7:15pm | adult beginners

7:15pm – 8pm | Adult class

For our adult sessions we run these as a group session - ‘Band Practice’ - where participants, regardless experience levels, come together to improvise, play and learn together. 

Artists, facilitators and musicians Celine, David and Marco lead each session and are on hand to provide support and tuition during the session. There will be plenty of breakout spaces provided in between to support group work with all three artists providing support, tuition and advice during the workshop.

The aim is to provide a friendly and supportive space for collaboration and musical experimentation - with (optional) performance and recording opportunities on offer at the end of the 10 week block.

Please contact tickets@platform-online.co.uk if you have any questions.

Additional info

Tuesday 16 April - Tue 18 June 2024

If you don't have your own fiddle, we hold a small number of fiddles which are available to use at classes - subject to availability and please contact us at time of booking or via the email below to enquire about availability.


These classes are offered on a Pay-What-You-Like basis, where you decide what to pay.  As a guide, we recommend a payment of £5 per class. Activities are booked as a full block and a taster session may be available (dependent on availability) if you wish to try a class first - to enquire about a taster session please email tickets@platform-online.co.uk

Pay online or at the class itself in cash (we have a donations box to drop payment into) or by card - you can either pay for the full block up front or pay each week.  Please note you must pre book your space before attending - please do not attend until you have booking confirmation.

If all sessions are booked please email tickets@platform-online.co.uk with a note of your name, telephone number and preferred date and we will add you to the waiting list. We will contact you if a space becomes available.

Celine, Fiddle Tutor said: “Taking part in music has so many benefits. No prior experience is required and it’s just a case of bringing yourself and your fiddle along and you will be guaranteed a fun and enjoyable musical experience!”.




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