Alex Frost Easterhouse Mosaic

10 Oct 2012

The original Easterhouse mosaic (1983-2004) was a celebrated community artwork and an important part of East Glasgow’s cultural heritage, lost when it was taken down in 2004. In 2012, we asked Glasgow based artist, Alex Frost to use the mosaic as a starting point for his first permanent public artwork. He initiated this project by spending some time researching the Easterhouse Mosaic, hoping to learn from its example.

The result of this research was ‘The Old & New Easterhouse Mosaic (and everything in between)’, an ambitious new project that included ‘The New Easterhouse Mosaic’, a permanent mural outside The Bridge; a series of wax crayon on paper rubbings taken from over 60 existing mosaics in the area; a field guide to these mosaics and an archive dedicated to the old mosaic.

The New Easterhouse Mosaic’ now acts as a sign for The Bridge. It is unashamedly decorative but it also refers to The Bridge’s many post-industrial functions (swimming pool, theatre, dance and music venue, library, cafe and F.E. college). Within the design of the new mosaic are facial profiles of people who use the building as well as water-jet cut symbols that refer to SMS communications. The series of rubbings taken from mosaics found within the area represent a unique and overlooked heritage while also plotting the social landscape of the area. These mosaic rubbings were taken in schools, fire stations, police stations, health centres, community centres, a church and shopping centre.

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