Most Impressive new music video!

23 Mar 2017

The Boys, a band of local young people that meet weekly at the Glenburn Centre, present their new video Most Impressive. Created as part of their ongoing collaboration with Platform Associate Artists KOR! Records, the song and video is, as the title suggests…most impressive!

The picture above was taken as Chris watched his new video for the first time.

Congratulations to all involved and thanks for sharing!

Most Impressive - The Boys from KOR! Records on Vimeo.

For a little more information about what KOR! Records have been up to at the Glenburn Centre - check out the film below:

KOR! Records at the Glenburn Centre from Platform Glasgow on Vimeo.

This film originally featured in live performance News Just In Easterhouse presented by the Platform Young Company and Random Accomplice.

The footage was filmed and edited by Airship23 with original sound from Ross Brown and you can read more information about the performance here


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