Art Factory Trip to studio of Mitch Miller

2 Aug 2016

Art Factory Trip to studio of Mitch Miller | WASPS, Hanson Street 

Tuesday 26 July 2016 

Platform have invited artist Mitch Miller to create a Dialectogram, the word, Dialectogram has been made up by Mitch to describe the type of drawings he creates. The drawings describe a place, and the life that makes it a place, from the point of view of local people. Through conversations with individuals and groups that meet at Platform, Mitch will create a Dialectogram of Platform and Easterhouse.

The Art Factory is Platforms weekly visual arts group for adults who Mitch will work alongside over the coming weeks. This period of time will be a period of research for Mitch as well as inspire the group to create their own new artwork that captures Platform and the surrounding area, as part of Platform’s 10 year celebrations in October.

On Tuesday, the group visited Mitch’s studio at WASPS, Hanson Street to hear more about Mitch’s art work and past projects. The Art Factory’s lead artist Heather Lander describes the trip here:

Blog entry:

“Today the Art Factory, the weekly Tuesday afternoon arts group based in Platform, the Bridge in Easterhouse, travelled to Wasps studios at Hanson Street to learn a bit about the mapping work of Mitch Miller. Miller has been commissioned by Platform to create a Dialectogram, his unique stylised version of a map of the building, and everything that goes on within it. In part to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the building itself, but also to engage with all of the people that regularly visit the Bridge. He invited us to visit his studio for a visit today, and shared a lot of creative thought processes that we will be bringing back with us to the Art Factory.

Mitch Miller has created several intricate dialectograms of the Red Road Flats in Glasgow before their demolition and the Brig bar, a now closed down completely underground historic Glasgow pub venue. He has also worked with mapping ideas in connection to established ‘travellers’ caravan sites within Glasgow. Very fascinating interpretations of the idea of the map as a story telling medium and so intricate and rich in their detail. These dialectograms tell the stories of the
places they map, with the artist and his personality coming through equally to those of the stories he is telling.

It was very inspiring for us, as the Art Factory will be creating and presenting its own unique visual map of Easterhouse and the Bridge as part of the ten year celebrations. In addition to Mitch Miller being commissioned to create his dialectogram, he will also be joining us each week at the Art Factory, to help us with our map and do his own research for his map. We are all looking forward to where this project takes us!”



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