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Creation Station: Online Drama Workshops for 8-11yrs

13 Sep 2021 → 13 Dec 2021
Mondays → 6pm - 6.45pm
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Creation Station is our drama group for 8-11 year olds. The workshops are artist led, super fun and creative - and are designed to develop skills and confidence. No experience is necessary and everyone is made very welcome.

Creation Station takes place online every Monday evening at 6pm until 6.45pm via Zoom and is free to attend.

Visit the Latest section of the website to find some blog posts on what’s been happening on the online version of Creation Station - and you can also view a few episodes of CS News - also created by the Creation Station online group.

To join, for more details or to try a taster session please email info@platform-online.co.uk

Read our member and leader interviews below left!

Dates and times
Mon 13 Sep - Mon 13 Sep 2021
6pm - 6.45pm
Online on Zoom

*Please note the group will not run on Mon 11 October
Additional info

Liam, member of Creation Station said: “Being part of the group has inspired me to be more creative. I created a sock puppet named Shirley - she is now my alter-ego at Creation Station! I’ve been making outfits for her and invented a cast of characters and stories which have featured in a couple of story books”.

Liam (Image: Coulson & Tennant)
Liam (Image: Coulson & Tennant)

Creation Station leader Geraldine said: “Creation Station is a fun, playful, creative group full of energy, humour and imagination. The group has run online over the past year but that hasn’t stopped us - we’ve made live shows, films, music videos, visual art, songs and we’ve been adding some new content onto our You Tube channel – Platform Glasgow.

“We love meeting new members, sharing our ideas and games and finding out what interests people have. Come and join us”.

Geraldine (Jassy Earl)
Geraldine (Image: Jassy Earl)

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