My Creative Journey: Bobby Steell

31 Jan 2020 → 30 Jun 2020
All ages

Platform is delighted to present My Creative Journey, an exhibition by Bobby Steell.

Bobby lives locally in the east end of Glasgow. At 4 years old, Bobby was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and severe Autism, being advised that this would limit his quality of life. Bobby’s family were very determined to make sure he has as many positive experiences and value to his life.

It became clear Bobby had a passion for drawing, with limited opportunities to create art outside of his home, his mum approached Platform to help organise one-to-one artist sessions. Bobby has a long standing relationship with Platform which first began with artist Heather Lander and most recently, for the past 3 years with Katharine Barrington. Both artists have worked closely with Bobby to help develop his distinct approach to making his artworks, which continues to evolve.

Working side by side, every Tuesday Katharine is present for Bobby, offering support and encouraging the artistic choices that Bobby makes, often sharing techniques and approaches. Bobby has a determination, originality and talent in his art making that serves as a real inspiration to Katharine with her own artwork.

My Creative Journey features drawing and painting that have been created both at home and at Platform. Depicting a broad range of themes and created by using a variety of materials from pencil, pen, inks and to paint, the artworks display a passion for mark making, colour and his incredible artistic talent.

The exhibition also features three selected artworks by Katharine; offering a glimpse of the ideas and stories that pass between them in the artworks they create at their weekly session.

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Artworks left to right:
Self Portrait, acrylic paint on paper; untitled, acrylic paint on paper; Horse, acrylic paint on paper Little Dog, oil paint on paper; Billy Connolly, pen, ink, acrylic paint on paper; Bird, acrylic paint on paper; Flash, acrylic paint on paper; Khan texts, cut out text and cellotape; Two Dogs, acrylic paint on paper; Lady Begins, oil on paper * ; Ancient Egyptian, pen on paper and cellotape; UK Gold, pen on paper and cellotape; Emperor, acrylic paint on paper; Magpie, paint on paper; untitiled, oil paint on paper * ; Walrus, paint on paper; Seahorse, acrylic paint on paper; Bear, acrylic paint on paper; Khan, pen on paper; Japanese Portrait, pencil on paper; Khan, pen on paper and cellotape; Winston Churchill, pen on paper and cellotape; Bird, paint on paper; Artist Dinner, oil on paper * ; Duck, paint on paper; Giraffe, paint on paper; Cat, paint on paper; Hyenna, ink on paper; Crow, paint on paper; Ancient China, paint on paper

* Artworks by Katharine Barrington

Thank you
Tracy & Bobby Steell would like to thank
Everyone at Platform for their support over the years. To Heather & Katharine thank you for your patience, time and understanding. Thank you for making his art sessions enjoyable. To Karen & Ina for escorting Bobby each week.

Platform would like to thank
Bobby and Tracy Steell and Katharine Barrington.


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