Curated by Deborah Jackson in association MAP Magazine

Lucy Beech: Me and Mine | Pharmakon | Cannibals

6 May 2018
1.30pm, 3pm & 4.30pm
All ages
FREE but ticketed

Part of Glasgow International 2018.

Me and Mine, HD video, 35 min
Me and Mine is an interpersonal drama that examines how the so-called feminine ‘virtues’ of empathy and relationality have gained increasing currency within previously patriarchal industries. The film follows a female funeral director attending a weekend of women-only workshops, part of an annual award ceremony, defined by one of its participants as the ‘nucleus of the funeral industry’s female revolution’.

Pharmakon, HD video, 21 min
Pharmakon is a fictional narrative that explores health anxiety and self diagnosis in an era of mass communication. The film focuses on an online bio-social community support group where women collaborate in their sickness through a shared discourse. The community suffer from an unknown condition which is manifest as the sensation that the body is being colonised; host to unknown organisms living on, in, or under the surface of the skin.

Cannibals, HD video, 15 mins
The fictional narrative is set in a monthly Women Empowering Women’ meeting in the garden of the current leader’s home. The members of the group are referred to through euphemisms such as ‘appetiser’, ‘main course’ and ‘dessert’. Before they eat, the women attempt to operate as agents for one another’s experience in an exercise the leader calls ‘emotional circuit training’. The group haptically communicate; they literally ‘feel with each other’ whilst in a more autonomous physical sense the body is ‘tenderized’, salting, smoking, breaking down the connective tissues, in preparation for a form of self consumption. The fictional process deteriorates when one of the participants observes the pseudo-therapeutic process eats away at itself.

Artist Bio
Lucy Beech (b. 1985, Hull, UK) lives and works in Berlin and London. Beech’s forthcoming solo presentations for 2018 include; De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, Tramway, Glasgow and group shows at Lafayette Anticipations Fondation Galeries Lafayette, Paris and the Frye Art Museum, Seattle, her work was featured in the Liverpool Biennial 2016. Other recent solo presentations include James Fuentes, New York; The Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston. Beech was the recipient of the Paul Hamlyn award 2016 together with her longterm collaborator Edward Thomasson their recent presentations include: Tate Britain, London; Maureen Paley London; Frieze Live, London, Site Gallery Sheffield; Lisson Gallery, London.

Visual Arts

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