Outskirts 17’ Brings it all Together

10 May 2017

Platform’s annual festival of experimentation and excellence returned on the 22nd April with an impressively diverse line-up of artists and activity!

The festival brings many aspects of the Platform programme and community together, utilising spaces throughout The Bridge Easterhouse – including areas that are not normally used for performances and art installations.

The days programme ranged from the beautiful sounds of singer Josephine Foster to the extremely loud performance by Karl Jay-Lewin, Nic Green’s powerful Cock Bull to the playful workshop with Jane Fondue and the Raclettes. (Cheesy Cheesy) The day took us away with the surreal live score from Sound of Yell and culminated with the inspiring Easterhouse Conversation performance from Steev Livingstone and Suse bear.

Scroll through images and videos above Including recapping our Instagram Story of the day and a clip from performance by Ortonandon with Fallopé and the Tubes!

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