Bannerman High School perform ‘Anthropocene: An Interactive Experience’

28 Feb 2024

Earlier this month we welcomed S1 pupils from Bannerman High School in Ballieston to the Platform stage to deliver a brand new and exciting presentation: ‘Anthropocene: An Interactive Experience’.

An audience of parents, carers and staff were treated to a creative mix of dance and drama, as well as a selection of freshly made food - and were left feeling inspired by the climate focused, thought provoking performance.

Karen Borland, Faculty Head of Drama at Bannerman, said:

"The performance was focused round S1 Interdisciplinary Learning Project and the question – “How do we survive the Anthropocene Epoch?".

“Over a 12-week period we explored this question over four subject areas - English, Food Tech, Drama and Dance. The final presentation culminated in a performance at Platform that explored the impact of climate change on our world and what we can do to minimise the human impact.

“This has been a learning journey on so many levels and we were delighted and excited to be performing for carers and parents on the stage. Thank you to the Platform team for such a positive experience - our performance looked so professional within the space and the lighting and sound were fantastic.”

With thanks to Bannerman High for the majority of photographs.



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