Andy Cannon and Red Bridge Arts present

Tales of a Grandson

21 May 2016
5+ yrs
£8 / £4.50 / £3.50 Local Links
Suitable for ages 7+ years Where do you begin to tell the story of Scotland?...with the myths, the legends and the battles? Or perhaps simply with the universal story of boy meets girl? Tales of a Grandson is one man’s re-telling of Scotland’s history – but this is no straight and dusty history lesson: To tell this epic tale Andy Cannon (previously of Wee Stories) takes us on a time travelling adventure with his grandparents through Scotland’s past to piece together the myriad of Kings, Queens, friends and foes that make up our nations story (and unearths just why our mountains are so small on the way!). Accompanying Andy is composer and musician Wendy Weatherby. ‘(the audience) had their imagination touched and tickled by the sheer pleasure of hearing a master story-teller in his element.’ The Herald
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2pm - 3pm About Andy Cannon

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