Barrowland Ballet present


11 May 2016
0 → 4 yrs

For ages 0–5 years

Cost: £8 / £4.50 or £3.50 local links

Mischief maker, Maker of fun

Tumble tumble, Tickle my tum

Beasties beasties, Buzzing bees

Poggles not scared of climbing trees

Splash splash, Squelch in mud

Creeping crawling, Chasing bugs

Vince wants to explore the forest but he’s too scared to go on his own. Until one day he meets Poggle, a friendly creature who takes him on an adventure exploring the forest and the magical musical tree. A funny, sensory dance theatre piece with live music, clapping rhythms and bubble popping throughout!

Created by Natasha Gilmore with the company. Music and sound created and performed by Daniel Padden

‘This production goes a wonderfully imaginative extra mile in its mix of bouncy dance- theatre, cunningly versatile design, live music and audience participation.’ **** The Herald