Presented by Platform

Outskirts Festival 2019

27 Apr 2019
All ages
£10/£7.50 (Local Links) (Under 16s go free) Mono Bus available Local Links

Our annual Outskirts festival returns for 2019 with an unbeatable line up of performance, music and visual art. Taking place across the theatre, studio spaces, and public areas of our building, the festival’s programme runs from afternoon into the evening, and is a fantastic event in which indulge in a wide range of cross art form experimentation. Check out our video for the event HERE.

Pop up food from east end’s Dennistoun Bar-B-Que will be served throughout the day along with food and drinks from the Platform Cafe Bar.


Eilidh Rodgers and Free Love present Easterhouse Conversation

Now in its 5th year, Easterhouse Conversation returns with Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook of Free Love (formerly Happy Meals) and Eilidh Rodgers of Sacred Paws at the helm, collaborating and performing a brand new, unique composition. The brainchild of Alun Woodward, Platform’s music programmer, Easterhouse Conversation seeks to document stories and moments in the lives of the residents of Easterhouse. This year’s version sees the three musicians meet and chat to KOR records, The Boys - a band formed of local young people involved with East end’s Glenburn Centre, members of Platforms Singers choir group and Platform’s Nu Gen and Art Factory groups, as well as members of the general public about their lives and times in Easterhouse.

King Midas Sound

Kevin Martin and Roger Robinson of King Midas Sound return as a newly formed duo, bringing new record ‘Solitude’ to the Platform stage. Marking their first collaboration with Cosmo Rhythmatic, a suitably eclectic home, inhabited by masterful sonic sculptors, shrewdly assembled by Berlin based label boss Shapednoise. Solitude is a spoken word tale, written by Robinson, on the meditation of loss. It’s about processing the irrational and incessant feelings of rejection and loneliness, like listening to the tenderness of love disappear and it being replaced by skewed logic.

Platform Young Company present Shaking The Habitual

Recently presented to full houses at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh as part of the Chrysalis Festival, Platform Young Company presents Shaking the Habitual. Heralded by The List as “perfectly-pitched absurdist theatre” **** and created in collaboration with Platform Associate Artists Eoin McKenzie and Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir, this ambitious, devised performance, uses movement, text and sound to interrogate and interpret our current political and social climate.


Timefield, a group exhibition featuring Ian Cameron, Kate Clayton, Frank McElhinney, Annie Peel, Lesley Wilson and John Wills. Timefield is a cross-art immersive installation that weaves together stories of memory and forgetting, of nature and ageing and draws attention to the fragility of humanity as an integral part of nature.

The Land That Forgot

Timefield artists, Kate Clayton and Ian Cameron, will also perform a reading of The Land That Forgot by Lesley Wilson. This collaboration originated from Luminate’s ‘Older Artists Lab’ held at Cove Park in February 2017.

The Guitar Man (UK Premiere)

By Jon Fosse and translated by Louis Muinzer

A man makes his living singing the same songs day after day on the edge of town. He plays to an audience that is always passing him by. One night, he tells us his story – he came here because of a woman and stayed because of a son. Searching for answers, he reaches a decision: to stop playing.

Weaving text, song and silence, The Guitar Man traces the delicate balance between loneliness and longing, loss and salvation. Presented by surrogate productions. The Guitar Man is supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

In The Corner of My Mind There Is A Small Boy Dancing presented by Eoin McKenzie

A new dance show by a big man who cannot dance. Presented by Eoin McKenzie and existing as a series of choreographic vignettes, this work seeks to uncover how our identities are shaped through the body - its memories, its histories, and its ways of being seen. From remembering dances in his Grandmother’s living room to dancing through ways that his body might be less intimidating, In The Corner Of My Mind There Is A Small Boy Dancing hopes to contribute to the wider conversations around what it means to be male in our current times by unearthing a masculine vulnerability and tenderness.

Jessica Higgins


Glasgow based artist Jessica Higgins debuts a new performance titled dedications. Higgins’ performances often involving non-actors reading prepared texts, directions and instructions that mimic and reflect life in very real way and are almost taboo in their sincerity. What is it that connects us? What are we really thinking about when we’re doing this or indeed that? dedications is an exploration of Higgins interests in the nuances of performance alongside the subject of ‘cover songs’ and ‘dedications’ usually featured in radio programmes. Imitating radio shows, broadcasts, shout outs, spaces of listening, going on and off script, work gossip, speaking blunders, leisure, stress, distraction, habits and so on…… delivered in chorus style - featuring singing, speaking, repetition, movement and costume.

Lucy and Addrian Hutson present Bi-Curious George and Other Side Kicks

Live artist Lucy Hutson and her dad Addrian present Bi-Curious George and Other Side Kicks. Professor ‘the Amazing’ Addrian is Punch and Judy man extraordinaire. He’s also Lucy’s dad. Growing up, Lucy helped with his shows: collecting money, performing tricks and doing stints as Curious George. Now, dad and daughter reunite in front of an audience to reminisce. The glib entertainer and earnest artist lock heads as they re-enact childhood magic tricks and reflect on what it means to choose the life of an artist.

Banana Oil

Glasgow based Banana Oil, a jazz funk trio consisting of Laurie Pitt (Golden Teacher, Modern Institute, Thoth) on drums, Niall Morris (Sham Gate, Lylo, Martha Ffion) on bass guitar and Joe Howe (Joe Howe, Ben Butler & Mousepad, Gay Against You) join the Outskirts line up. With frenetic, complex parts executed at high speed, the group aims to bring a healthy sense of humour to the sometimes sterile environment of noodling. Influenced equally by post punk, jazz skronk, rigorous funk & vivid prog, they strive ‘to sound like the Mothers Of Invention without all the toxic masculinity.’

David Sherry

The common everyday acts of social interaction and the resulting etiquette and small talk are the central themes in artist David Sherry’s work. In his performances, Sherry provides an insight into the cultural codes and learned behaviours revealed in conversations, radio programs, newspaper articles or banal incidents in the street. Sherry will present a new performance as part of Outskirts that will continue his reflection on cultural codes, asking questions of basic learned behaviours: What is work? What is success? What is respect? What is a living? What is happiness?

A State Electric by Produced Moon

A State Electric is a new immersive game installation co-created by Produced Moon and local young game makers. Over 6 days the new city of Crofein was created, a world in which overpopulation dominates the news cycles, facial recognition software is integrated into every aspect of life and the space race is back on. Extensive surveillance has
virtually eradicated crime but trouble is brewing as automation has led to mass unemployment and the rebels have a plan. The young game makers have created 5 new games that exist within and explore aspects of this new world. The games will be available to play all summer, housed in an immersive installation by Glasgow based designer Kirsty Currie.

Join us at Outskirts for a free launch event where the young game makers will introduce their new city and invite you to enter the installation and play their games.

Additional info

A bus will leave Mono (12 Kings Court, Glasgow) at 3pm and return after Outskirts. Return tickets cost £5 and can be purchased in Monorail. Please email info@platform-online.co.uk to reserve a ticket.

Our media partner for Outskirts 2019 is The Skinny.


3.30pm – 3.40pm: Produced Moon: A State Electric

3.40pm – 4.30pm: Platform Young Company present Shaking the Habitual

4.35pm – 5.25pm: Eoin McKenzie presents In the Corner of my Mind There is a Small Boy Dancing

4.40pm – 5pm: Kate Clayton and Ian Cameron perform a reading of The Land That Forgot by Lesley Wilson

5.40pm – 6.40pm: surrogate productions present The Guitar Man

6.45pm – 7.05pm: Kate Clayton and Ian Cameron perform a reading of The Land That Forgot by Lesley Wilson

6.45pm – 7.45pm: Lucy and Addrian Hutson present Bi-Curious George and Other Side Kicks

7.25pm – 7.45pm: Kate Clayton and Ian Cameron perform a reading of The Land That Forgot by Lesley Wilson

7.55pm – 8.55pm: Jessica Higgins presents dedications (also featuring Banana Oil)

Banana Oil

9.05pm – 9.50pm: King Midas Sound

9.50pm – 10.20pm: David Sherry presents A Philosophical Society

10.25pm – 11pm: Free Love and Eilidh Rodgers of Sacred Paws present Easterhouse Conversation

Please note that the Timefield exhibition featuring Ian Cameron, Kate Clayton, Frank McElhinney, Annie Peel, Lesley Wilson and John Wills opens at 3.30pm and runs until May 25th.

Visual Arts