Part of Celtic Connections 2019

Hen Ogledd

25 Jan 2019
All ages
£15/£7.50 (Local Links/concession) Mono Bus available Local Links


Support from The Gymnastic Band

Founded by Richard Dawson and harpist, Rhodri Davies, with the addition of Dawn Bothwell and Sally Pilkington, Hen Ogledd’s meaning comes from the Welsh name for The Old North.

Mogic - released November 2018 - is Hen Ogledd’s third LP and their most surprising and accessible work yet. Each hailing from historically different tribal regions of the Old North, the musicians on Mogic challenge the idea that the ancient world was rife with magic, while the new is infiltrated by cold logic.

This dynamic record of eddies and swirls, ravishing melodies, hallucinatory textures and bonkers rhythms is pinned down by some deft performances: Pilkington’s picture-perfect pop and earthy singing, Davies’ blazing harp splutterations and guitar moans, Bothwell’s twisted telephone techno and bamboozling lyric-bombs and Dawson’s utter bass.


Support comes from The Gymnastic Band a highly sprung trio in pursuit of rhythmic adventure and pulsating metronomy. After a hiatus of 20 years, in summer 2017, former Ganger bass players Graham Gavin and Stuart Henderson joined forces with drummer David Maxwell (Gift Horse) to form a unique trio displaying an acrobatic penchant for skewed arrangements that will infiltrate listeners’ eardrums and render them senseless with their melodically charged, harmonic baubles of sonic delight!

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Platform is delighted to be part of 2019’s Celtic Connections with 2 absolute legends featuring in one of the most inventivebands in the UK and a bona fide music maestro from Senegal.

NEED A LIFT TO PLATFORM? A return bus leaves Mono, Glasgow city centre, at 6.30pm on both nights of the Celtic Connection gigs. £5 return – email info@platform-online.co.uk to book your space.


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