Presented by Two Destination Language


25 Oct 2018
14+ yrs
£8.50 / £5 / £4 Local Links

Did you think it would be easy? Did you think it would be fair? Silent battles of power drive a politically complex commentary on Britain’s working men over the last 40 years as a British man and an Eastern European woman share the stage. Music, wood and vinyl create a picture of Britain today and how it came to this.

Total Theatre Award winners Two Destination Language take you on a romp through men, expectations, work and economics in the years since Britain voted to be a part of Europe.

Please note this performance will be signed using British Sign Language (BSL)

Manpower touring Autumn 2018 from Alister Lownie on Vimeo.

BSL interpreter Caroline Ryan on Two Destination Language’s Manpower from Alister Lownie on Vimeo.

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