Presented by Martin O’Connor and Platform

The Mark of The Beast

Various show times
16 yrs +
£8.50 / £5 / £4 Local Links

It’s the morning efter the night before

Yer suddenly sober and know the score

Ye leave yer pals and decide tae walk it

Cos yer still in charge. A total rocket.

Inspired by Glasgow and its relationship with alcohol and addiction, The Mark of the Beast is a new spoken word performance in Scots and English from theatre maker and performer Martin O’Connor, sound artist Nichola Scrutton and The North East Recovery Community. Created in partnership with those in varying stages of recovery from alcohol addiction, the piece will explore themes of temptation, differing ideas of morality, and social attitudes towards the ‘demon drink.’

“A brave and significant dramatic poet in contemporary Scotland” The Scotsman

Dates and times
Fri 13 Apr 19:00
Sat 14 Apr 14:00
Sun 15 Apr 14:00
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