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Gordon Douglas | Habits of the Coexistent (3)

2 Aug 2017
All ages
Free - but ticketed

Habits of the Co-existent (3) is the final in a series of events at Platform, Easterhouse co-ordinated by Gordon Douglas, Jamie Kane, Adam Lewis-Jacob, Emmie McLuskey and Helen Savage. The event occupies the auditorium, a large, multi-level, black cube used for a diverse range of dance, music and theatre events. The group will present performance works that they have been realising through public happenings with Platform over the last six months. Through the course of the project, events have offered a chance to reflect on the nuanced nature of collaboration, tolerance and co-existence when devising non-linear performance events. In HotC(3), the group have been in dialogue with technical staff, devising an automatic sound and lighting cue that will solidify the timings of the event, with live performances slipping in and out of spaces created and governed by stage effects.

Accompanying the event will be the launch of Project-Book (3) with contributions from Peter Amoore, Calum Bowden & Nathaniel Whitfield, Amy Pickles, and Jennie Temple. Project-Book (3) is concerned with the body in non-centric organisational strategies, institutional habit-making, and power play in administrative rhythm.


With many thanks to The City of Edinburgh Council, ContemporaryArtETC…, Creative Scotland, Clyde Gateway, Edinburgh Visual Art Award, GlasgowLife, HMOProjects, The Introduction-to-Performance group, The NewBridge Project, Platform and Practice Makes Practice

Additional info

Habits of the Coexistent is a curatorial-residential dialogue between: Gordon Douglas; The NewBridge Project, Newcastle; Edinburgh College, Granton Campus; and Platform, Glasgow. The project focuses on the performativity, values and ideologies that we inherit and rehearse through shared working environments and partnerships. What kinds of habit endure post-collaboration, and how might they be indicative of continuous and socially-performed modes of governance?

In 2013, Gordon Douglas was involved in our annual Glasgow School of Art fourth year exhibition and produced a live performance across the swimming pool and auditorium. Since graduating, Gordon has continued to work with Platform leading to conversations around partnership working, the way multiple organisations occupy and use the building and the connections with people who use the building.

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