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JAM (Just About Managing)

28 Jan 2017
All ages
FREE but ticketed

La Banda Europa Brings cultures together through music.

This extraordinary ensemble brings together 35 of the finest musicians from all over Europe playing instruments that belong to their home country/area. The hurdy-gurdys are extraordinary to see, like Elizabethan ships, with a sound somewhere between the violin and the bagpipes. The nykelharpas are more delicate, having a strange, other-worldly sound to them. The Armenians play a 2000 year old instrument called the duduk, made from the wood of the apricot tree. We have attention grabbing instruments like the ancient Celtic carnyx and the two metre long Fujara flute from Slovakia, along with the bagpipes of seven countries!

La Banda Europa is a potent symbol of how people from different backgrounds and cultures can come together in common purpose, united by music.

This incredible night at Platform will be a collaborative performance by members of the band and friends. Members of the audience are encouraged to take part (but don’t worry there is no pressure to join in) in essence it’s a wonderful musical celebration of our differences and how they make us more alike.

Additional info

Doors 7pm

will leave Mono (12 King’s Court, Glasgow) at 6.30pm and return after the show.

A return ticket costs £5 and can be purchased in Monorail.
Please email: info@platform-online.co.uk to reserve a ticket.



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