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Rayon with Gaelic Psalm Singers

20 Jan 2017 | 7:00pm
All ages
£12.50 / £7.50 Local Links

Rayon are lead by Markus Acher of Notwist and feature Sachiko Hara, Cico Beck, Karl Ivar Refseth, Anton Kaun and Tad Klimp. An exploration of the space between music, interlocking time signatures and journey’s through spiraling arpeggios played on piano, marimba, harmoniums gongs filtered through algorithmic processing.

Mairi Morrison is steeped in the tradition of Gaelic Psalm singing and together with her Psalm ensemble have selected some of their favourite Psalms for Rayon to compose new scores for.

The night will feature our unique collaboration and a set from Rayon playing music from their latest release ‘A Beat of Silence’

Additional info

Doors 7pm
Performance begins 7.30pm

will leave Mono (12 King’s Court, Glasgow) at 6.30pm and return after the show.
A return ticket costs £5 and can be purchased in Monorail.
Please email: info@platform-online.co.uk to reserve a ticket.



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