Starcatchers presents

Blue Block Studio

21 May 2016 → 25 May 2016
0 → 4 yrs
£5 / £3.50 Local Links
*PLEASE NOTE: Each ticket provides entry for 1 adult and 1 child. due to the nature of the event each child must be accompanied by 1 adult. Blue Block Studio is an exciting, innovative, creative play space for babies under 24 months and their grown-ups. It offers the opportunity for adult and baby to interact in a friendly, inspiring and beautiful environment. It’s a creative space to listen, to explore, to build, to watch, to lie down to look and touch for the adult and baby. “Safe, stimulating and welcoming space for my baby. So respectful of their abilities and desires” Audience feedback: “‘n Blue Block Studio, Katy Wilson and her team have created a blissful chillout, look-listen-or-play zone for zero to two year-olds and their parents. This is not a gather-up of toys from home, the self-contained cube is a wonderland of touchy-feely objects that lend themselves to hands-on exploration.” Mary Brennan, THE HERALD ****
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​10am & 11:30am Please note: Due to the nature of the installation entrance to Blue Block Studio is strictly 1 adult to 1 child
Visual Arts

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