Platform, Peter Lannon Ellie Dubois, Lou Brodie

Double Bill: Broken and Bird Bones

26 Oct 2016
8+ yrs
£8.50 / £5 / £4 Local Links


“They worked with the seriousness of creators—and destruction after all is a form of creation”

A structure stands in the centre of the space, it is pulled apart, torn down, levelled and rebuilt before falling once again. The performers create a cycle of regeneration as they try to understand our need for destruction, the beauty held within it and the systems we are all part of.

Bird Bones

‘If I jump, will you catch me?’ ‘No’.

‘What about if I fall?’ ‘I won’t be able to catch you.’

‘Will I die?’ ‘Yes. Everyone dies.’

A performance by two children and one adult, who run, jump, catch, hang, climb, spin, and fall. It investigates the moments in life when you feel indestructible and the moments when you feel anything but.

Recommended for 8yrs+


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