A unique collaboration between Luke Fowler, Richard Youngs, Paul Thomson & Michael Duch


6 May 2016
18 + yrs
7:30pm £7.50 / £5 Mono Bus available Local Links

Luke Fowler and Richard Youngs began collaborating in 2012 and swiftly ventured to the blurred hinterlands of electronic music. A series of gigs and festivals across Northern Europe honing and exploring resulted in 2015’s Research Music’s Vol I-IV, 4 LP box set on EN/OF Editions. Inspired by early Chicago House, E BIAS saw the duo collaborate with Franz Ferdinand drummer Paul Thomson, the resulting recordings are forthcoming on Kick and Clap records this year.

AMOR sees the trio expand to include Norwegian bassist Michael Duch and delve further back into the history of dance music. Taking influences from pioneer disco remix artists such as Walter Gibbons or John Morales, they eschew the traditional disco arrangements for their own explorations into the sonority of orchestral instruments. This hybrid form could perhaps best be described as a sort of “disco musique concrète “.