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Outskirts 2016

23 Apr 2016
All ages
£10 / £7.50 / Under 16s Free Mono Bus available

Platform’s annual celebration of cross art form experimentation returns this April with an impressive line-up of artists representing music, spoken word, film and moving image, visual arts, aerial performance and family events.

Confirmed acts so far include; the 2015 Scottish Album of the Year winner Kathryn Joseph teams up with The Twilight Sad singer James Graham for a unique collaboration; Glasgow-based “laboratory theatre company” Company of Wolves present A Brief History of Evil; Matthew Bourne performs Moogmemory, accompanied by visual artist Michael England’s moving images; audiences are invited to Ringside a one on one aerial performance from Ellie Dubois; acclaimed jazz duo Herschel 36 perform a specially commissioned score for Wunder der Schöpfung, the ground-breaking silent documentary.

This year Outskirts is collaborating with Glasgow International 2016 to present a mixed programme of work from Mandy McIntosh, Mega Hammer (a pop-up event from a collection of artists including Marvin Gaye Chetwynd & Jedrzej Cichosz) and Bitter Rose - a nomadic installation that invites audiences to join them on a walk from Bridgeton to Easterhouse.

Festival co-curator Matt Addicott states:

“We called the festival Outskirts as it’s a really good description of everything the day is and wants to achieve. The performances and events programmed aren’t easily categorised and the artists creating them are working outside the mainstream. Geographically, Platform is located on the outskirts of Glasgow too and we are keen to offer our local audience quality work that feels different and unique”.

Listing of Events

Kathryn Joseph and James Graham with Marcus Mackay

Prior to her debut release – Kathryn Joseph was regarded one of Scotland’s best-kept secrets; prodigiously talented and criminally underrated, her voice possesses the other-worldly quality of Anthony Heggarty.

Her debut album bones you have thrown me and blood I’ve spilled was released in January 2015 following the support of fans via Kickstarter. It became a word of mouth hit and its success was established later that year when it was awarded the Scottish Album of the Year 2015.

For Outskirts Kathryn will be joined by The Twilight Sad singer James Graham who will perform their newly written material at the festival. They will be joined by Kathryn’s long term collaborator Marcus Mackay (owner and producer of The Diving Bell).

Company of Wolves - A Brief History of Evil

Relentless, hilarious and mesmerising, A Brief History of Evil is a duet about lies and where they can lead us.

Who hasn’t embroidered the truth or pretended to be someone they’re not? When the lies are stripped away, who is left? When we look in the mirror, who looks back? Which version is really us?

A Brief History of Evil combines electrifying movement with vulnerability, mockery, and satire in a white-knuckle ride to an unknown destination: what happens when we listen to the voices inside us? Or don’t?

“Sinister yet playful… sympathetic and witty despite the undertow of horror” **** The List

Ringside - A girl on a trapeze created and directed by Ellie Dubois

The ghost of every glamorous girl you’ve ever seen on a trapeze high up in the big top, performing to the roar of the crowd. But she’s up-close in this intimate one on one aerial performance made for your eyes only. You can hear her breathing, watch every muscle twitch, see the bruises as her body performs revolt not acceptance. Lots of sweat, no sequins.

Wunder der Schöpfung

Dir. Hanns Walter Kornblum | Germany | 1925 | 1h 32m | b&w & tinted & toned | German inter-titles with English sur-titles | Recommended U

With: Paul Bildt, Willy Kaiser-Heyl, Theodor Loos

Acclaimed jazz duo Herschel 36 present their brand new electronica/acoustic soundscape score commissioned by HippFest for this ground-breaking silent documentary. An extraordinary and unique document of human knowledge about the world and the universe in the 1920s literally translated as Wonder of Creation’. Fifteen special effects experts and nine cameramen were involved in the production of this beautifully tinted and toned film which combines documentary scenes, historical documents, fiction elements, animation scenes and educational impact.

Screening material courtesy of Munich Filmmuseum.

Deirdre Nelson and Jason Singh

In collaboration with Jason Singh, Platforms artist in residence Deirdre Nelson will present an installation of digitally printed textiles and sound inspired by past and present Easterhouse.

Glasgow International 2016 at Outskirts

Mandy McIntosh - Hap Up Easterhouse

Following a period of engagement in the local community, Platform’s artist in residence, Mandy McIntosh presents an inviting and sensory communal space. In this she welcomes people to engage in “creative activism”. It may start with one individual but it will end with communal activity as people come together for special and creative events.

Mega Hammer - Marvin Gaye Chetwynd & Jedrzej Cichosz

Mega Hammer is a pop-up event that creates a space for pure expression, bringing together a group of artists with shared interests. This will be a reincarnation of the first Mega Hammer event, which was part of Open House Glasgow 2015, where the group transformed a domestic space into an ad-hoc theatre.

Performers demonstrate a lifestyle based on DIY, low budget, death metal and pure expression. They propose that the audience will feel “as if Valkyries have swept through the space”.

Bitter Rose with Tawona and Earnest Sithole – Invisible Knowledges

Bitter Rose is a nomadic installation that is moved through the streets of Glasgow by foot during Glasgow International 2016. Alluding to the aesthetics of forced and voluntary journey, languages of poetry conflate with the terminology of travel and music of being adrift intermingles with that of being on hold.

For Outskirts they will invite audiences to join them on a walk from Bridgeston to Platform where a specially constructed tent will be situated. There, Tawona Sithole and his big brother Earnest Sithole will read a selection of poetry and play Zimbabwean songs on the Calabash for guests whilst they enjoy their dinner.

Notes to Editors

For press images or to arrange an interview with any of the participating artists please contact Kathryn Bradley Kathryn@platform-online.co.uk or Louise Dingwall louise@platform-online.co.uk

Additional info

​We are running a bus from Mono, Kings Court to Outskirts (and back again at the end). So we can make sure there are enough spaces we strongly urge you to pre-book. You can buy your return from Mono or email info@platform-online.co.uk to reserve your place. Bus leaves Mono at 2:30pm

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