A Moment’s Peace, The Women’s Creative Company and Platform present


21 Apr 2016
All ages
£8/£4.50/£3.50 Local Links
By 2016 the richest 1% will own more than the rest of the world put together. In the UK over 30% of MPs attended private school, as did 70% of top judges, 62% of senior army officers and 25% of BBC senior execs - but only 7% of the population went to these schools. Despite being 51% of the global population, women hold just 22% of all parliamentary seats. Following in the footsteps of Endurance (a Glasgow Commonwealth Games Festival 2014 production) The Women’s Creative Company are coming to together again to present a brand new piece of work examining what privilege and entitlement mean to them. As more people in society buckle under the pressures of inequality this project asks when is enough, enough? Privilege is a creative investigation into power and entitlement - what it means to us personally, how we use it when we have it, and what the human impact is upon those whose lives are affected by it. With the support of Glasgow Life, The Robertson Trust and The Violence Against Women Implementation Group an exhibition created by women’s groups from across Glasgow will be presented alongside this performance.