The Creative Collective big challenge!

2 Aug 2015

Members of the Creative Collective presented their BIG CHALLENGE at Auchinlea Park as part of the carnival and fun-day celebrations on Sunday 2nd August 2015. Those taking part had to guess who Susan was doing an impression of, guess whether it was Annie, June or Angela who was telling the truth, meet Johnny B for a skill challenge before finally being challenged to memory test by Marlene, Kathleen and Lan. For those that managed to make it all the way through, Robert and Matt then took a picture of them celebrating with their fan club in the winner’s enclosure! Thanks to everyone that came along to meet us on Sunday – please feel free to email matt@platform-online.co.uk if you have any feedback about the experience. The Creative Collective meet every Thursday between 6.30pm and 8.30pm at Platform – do feel free to join us if you’re passing – the group is run on a drop in basis and so you would be more than welcome! Each week we aim to make something and have as much fun as possible.


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