Taking Part Remotely

13 Apr 2020

Artists working with Creation Station and Lab Station - our weekly performance workshops for children and young people have been working hard to maintain contact with participants during the lockdown.

Although our building is currently closed, both groups have been meeting online and working together to make and share short films and performances.

Lab Station workshops are assisted by Holly Downes. Holly has performed in numerous productions with the Young Company at Platform and here she talks about her work with Lab Station last night:

“We all had a great and enjoyable session. To begin with we did a check in which allows everyone to have the chance to speak about how their week has been and what they have been doing whilst in their home. We played two games called ‘Chat Wink Murderer’ and ‘Camera Rock Paper Scissors’. This gives us a chance to play our usual warm-up games, changing it slightly to accommodate the camera.”

Lab Station have been working on weekly tasks, Holly explains that this week “our task was to create a scene from our favourite film from inside our home using household items. These videos where uploaded onto FlipGrid for us to view.”

Issy, who also works with the Platform Young Company assists Geraldine with weekly Creation Station workshops. When asked what the group got up to this evening Issy said, “Tonight we met Creation Station online for the second time. We played a game where we copied each other’s movements on the screen to see who could see who on their devices.

“We also went through everyone’s news from the week and had a chat about an online platform FlipGrid for educators which can be used on computers and as an app to set tasks for the group. Some group members have already made responses to a video that Geraldine did last week.

“After this we all said one annoying thing and one good thing about being in isolation. Annoying things involved missing holidays, not being able to see friends, not being able to go out at Easter, running out of ideas and having trouble walking the dog. Surprising good things included being able to watch Disney Channel, getting a lot of stuff done, not having to see teachers and being able to pretend to go places.

“At the end we all had a chat about how to set a virtual background on zoom, people left the chat and some people did a dramatic death on the screen before going. Overall it was very fun,’

For more information about Creation Station and Lab Station including how to book a place please contact info@platform-online.co.uk



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