Spotlight on the new Print Clan X Art Factory exhibition

25 Jun 2024

Print Clan x Art Factory is an exhibition of new work created by members of Platform's Art Factory group, as part of Print Club, which ran during weekly sessions led bPrint Clan.

Made up of over 17 core attendees, the Art Factory group worked together to create the exhibition, with it being the first time they had screen-printed at scale.

The exhibition is focused around three cloth panels featuring work from all involved and were created over the course of  one year.

We caught up with co-founder of Print Clan, Arianna Mele, about the exhibition:

“The exhibition showcases an array of works crafted by the participants over the past year, a period during which Print Clan has effectively transformed the Art Factory group's classroom into a compact textile printing studio on a weekly basis. 

“This display is a testament to the remarkable accomplishments that can arise from a shared passion. It illustrates the collective journey of individuals with love for art, meeting up to play with their creative sides and just enjoy each other's company.”

“The participants have been diving into the world of colour and shapes, using their sketchbooks to evolve their drawings into screen-prints. The three panels on display feature work from everyone involved. 

“Two of these are a patchwork of pieces stitched into a quilt and a flowing draped panel. The third, a larger piece, represents the pinnacle of a shared journey, with everyone pitching in to create it over the last three months.”

Come and see it over the summer!

Print Clan is Glasgow’s only open access textile printing studio. They opened in 2018 in the Southside of Glasgow, before moving to their current studio on the city’s historic High Street in Summer 2019.

Art Factory meet weekly on Tuesdays at Platform - read more about the group here.

The Print Clan X Art Factory exhibition runs until Sat 7 September and entre is free. 10am – 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

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