Spotlight on Platform Young Company

7 Oct 2021

Platform Young Company is a supportive space for young people aged 16-25 who have an interest in performance to come together. They are given the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence, as they move from full-time education and youth theatre into the creative industries and other sectors of the professional world.

Despite being unable to meet in person over the pandemic, the group have continued to meet online, make and produce work, such as Good Things Take Time which was created entirely during lockdown – watch it here. Pre-pandemic, the group presented Shaking the Habitual as part of the Chrysalis Festival 2018, an international showcase of performance held at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh.

The group is currently led by Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir and Eoin McKenzie, who say:

“Platform Young Company is for those who want to experiment with new ways of making and presenting performance.

“It’s a space where we’re constantly testing out new ideas, trying out different ways of doing things, and attempting - always - to make something that feels new and exciting to all of us.

“Getting involved in a new group like this can often be a bit intimidating - but Platform Young Company really welcomes anyone who has an interest in working collaboratively on performance and who’s open to trying new things.”

We spoke to Ewan, a member of Platform Young Company, about his experience of being part of the group.

What do you enjoy about Platform Young Company?

“There’s lots of good things about Platform Young Company, but the main reason I enjoy it is the people. Everyone is friendly and it’s interesting to work with others as we are all different in our own ways, mainly in our styles and how we approach the tasks given to us.”

How has the online experience of the group been?

“From attending the group I’ve gotten a laugh and a chance to explore the idea of contemporary performance. Being online, I do miss the social aspect of meeting up in person, but it has been really nice to meet up with fellow creatives and friends during Covid-19 times. It feels great to connect, laugh and enjoy ourselves during this time. It feels really good to express myself and to create something while also enjoying the company.”

How would you sum up Platform Young Company in one word?

“To sum up one word of my experience at Platform I’d say it would be ‘glad’. I’m glad I took the opportunity, I’m glad I’ve got stories of my time, I’m glad that I have met people and made friends along the way. Glad that I have made my time at Platform a good experience. Glad for the memories still to come.”

Get involved!

The group meet weekly every Saturday from 11am-1pm, starting on the 9th of October and running through until the 11th of December.

The Young Company can support up to 20 individuals each term. Membership is open to all regardless of experience and offered on a first come, first served basis.

Sessions are currently delivered free of charge using Zoom. To register an interest in joining or simply ask a question about the Platform Young Company please send an email to info@platform-online.co.uk. More information can also be found here.

Image credit: Coulson & Tennant



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