Issue 1 of the Platform lockdown newsletter…

26 May 2020

Enjoy a read of the first issue of the Platform newsletter created in May 2020 during the Covid-19 ‘lockdown’ period. You can find it HERE.

The newsletter has been created from the thoughts and musings originating from a new mail art project we have started - a way of continuing to exchange art with people whilst we cannot be in the same physical space. It focuses on life during this time in the North East of Glasgow and beyond, as well as art work and photography, from Platform’s groups and the local community. This newsletter was also printed and posted to members of the local community and Platform’s Taking Part groups.

The mail art project works in that participants are sent a copy of the latest collection of artworks, a blank piece of paper and a stamped addressed envelope. This is accompanied with a letter that has a question or provocation or two and invites them to make use of the paper and send us a response - drawing, photograph, story, poem, joke - it’s all allowed!

If you know someone that might like to join in or you would like to get involved yourself please send us an email to info@platform-online.co.uk or call 0141 276 9696 [OPT 1].

Stay safe and stay creative!



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