Purple people eater

29 Sep 2014

Platform Associate Artist Lou Brodie on making Rules of the Dancefloor - a performance created with members of the local community: When we set out to create rules of the dance floor the thing that excited me most was the opportunity to hear peoples stories and to share in the emotions, enthusiasm and laughter that happens when people divulge their dancing experiences. One of my favourite conversations so far took place this Sunday as a Platform regular chatted about her love of rock and roll music and the culture that comes with it. She told me stories of dressing up in beautiful costumes, of how these costumes made going to the toilet a hilarious affair and of joyfully dancing with her mum to the Bo Diddley track Purple People Eaters in a near empty bar as another customer nursed his pint quietly in the corner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1xTFZ2mHAs


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