Platform Associate Artists | Pester and Rossi | Made in Easterhouse

26 Sep 2016

​What is it that you enjoy about working at Platform?

We really enjoy working with young people and being a part of the community at Platform. We are interested in engaging young people in the work in order to explore how we make work.

We are interested in the broad range of activities, facilities and communities within Platform and surrounding environment and how these territories and communities intersect.

The Bridge and Platform are particularly interesting public spaces for us to work in as we are interested in public projects, ceremonies and events, which encourage engagement with a variety of audiences and are collaborative in nature.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your practice, how you make work?

We are a collaborative duo based in Glasgow whose work spans sculpture, performance and installation using a wide variety of media. We have been working together since graduating in 2008 on a range of projects including formally as part of the artist collective NOWNOW and currently as part of Glasgow-based band Fallopé & the Tubes.

We often use imagery, handmade props and costume relating to the body, along with its physical and metaphorical associations providing a sense of familiarity for the audience, all the while generating irony and humour. Our work presents aspirations and desires of a group of people, regularly playing out a fantasy. Our practice has been informed by working directly with various communities, specifically taking influence from groups of children and young people.

These immersive performances and social experiments take root in DIY culture with ideas relating to childhood nostalgia, public ceremony and a celebration of the home-made.

Ruby and Nadia work every week with Nu Generation, a visual art workshop for young people aged 11 and over. They have created big costumes and puppets for the winter and summer carnivals and will be sharing some of what they have been working on as part of the Made in Easterhouse festival


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