Platform Associate Artists | Gordon Douglas

9 Mar 2017

Platform is delighted to have Gordon currently working on a body of new work. In 2013, Gordon was involved in our annual Glasgow School of Art fourth year exhibition and produced a live performance accross the swimming pool and auditorium. Since graduating, Gordon has continued to work with Platform leading to conversations around partnership working, the way multiple organisaions occupy and buildings and the connections with people who use the building.

What has been your favourite previous project at Platform?
Made in Easterhouse - Deirdre Nelson and local craft groups, alongside selections from the GEAC archive; Glasgow School of Art annual partnership exhibitions; Chad McCail’s giant wall mural and Alex Frost’s new Easterhouse mosaic are two really great pieces of art that have occupied that space too! Platform’s 10th Birthday Party of course!

What is your first memory of Platform?
My first experience with Platform was a tour of the entire building by Margaret McCormick as part of the Glasgow School of Art partnership exhibition. We were all blown away by the succession of different facilities as the tour went on: a swimming pool, a library, a theatre, a cafe, a college, a dance rehearsal space! Whilst we walked round, Margaret introduced us to the many, many groups who form the larger community around the building. It’s a really special and welcoming place, and even from the first time I came here, I could tell it meant a great deal to everyone involved.

Can you tell us a little about your practice?
I’m a performance artist who organises projects and events with creative partners from a wide variety of different practices. Previous collaborators include: artists, dancers, designers, educators, fan-fiction writers, jewellers, post-punk musicians, philosophers, and theatre-makers. I am interested in the ways people work together, and what impacts these working dynamics have on the culture they produce. I believe in performance as a discipline and lifestyle, and I hope that through the education of performance, we can achieve a greater political understanding of our actions.

What is it that you enjoy about working at Platform?
I enjoy working at Platform because of the absolute energy that surrounds each and every activity here. The vigour from everyone that goes into producing a communal and inclusive culture is tremendous and exciting. I am fascinated by the ways in which so many different organisations, and groups of people can co-inhabit the building so effectively.

I enjoy that every day is different, and there’s no specific rhythm to the way in which the building operates. It reminds me of a rainforest, a space were life flourishes in different cycles maximising on the wealth of nutrients generated and shared through being close.

I enjoy the kindness and generosity I feel from everyone here. I feel so different here, than when I’m in arts and cultural venues closer to the centre of Glasgow and elsewhere. What the community around Platform has, is truly unique.

Current projects
Habits of the Coexistent with Jamie Kane, Adam Lewis-Jacob, Emmie McLuskey, Helen Savage and Platform; Introduction to Performance with students of Edinburgh College; A Social Report with The Newbridge Project, Newcastle.



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