Platform Associate Artist | Sarah Short | Made in Easterhouse

28 Sep 2016

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a large scale project in conjunction with Universal Comedy and North Lanarkshire Council, working with vulnerable adults to create a piece of comedic work raising awareness of disability hate crime.

As well as these two projects I am working with Creation Station at Platform. Sadly, due to time constraints, this will be the first year in a long while that I will not be working with Play Station too.

How would you describe the work you make?

It is hard to succinctly describe my broad ranging practice – I go by many titles; performer, actor, comedian, director, writer, maker. Facilitator and enthusiast.

Whatever the project I am working on I always ask myself:

“How can this work offer a space to feel human connection.”

I think all art is the embodiment of connecting our feelings, our thoughts and our bodies – creating a moment in time when people can connect and a space that reminds us what it is to be a person floating around in infinite space.

Do you remember anything about the first time you visited Platform?

My first memory of Platform was the feeling that I got when I walked into the building. This bright, airy and creative space that felt like the best balance of freedom and support that an emerging artist could ask for.

What is it that you enjoy about working here?

I most enjoy the people I get to work with. All the artists I have collaborated with and the people young and old who make the building fun to be in. The people who make the work that takes place exciting and invigorating to be involved in.

Are there any particular projects that you have enjoyed working on?

One of my favourite projects within Platform was when I worked on “Jawtanic”. A piece of new work created by Creation Station that was performed in the main auditorium. The show took some serious inspiration from both the films Jaws and Titanic!

Pass it On, the performance that Sarah has been making with Creation Station will be performed at the Platform and Starcatchers and Platform Family Day as part of the Made in Easterhouse Festival for more information click here

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