Platform Associate Artist | Sarah Hopfinger | Made in Easterhouse

26 Sep 2016

In 2014, as part of her PhD studies, Sarah created Wild Life with support from Catherine Wheels Theatre Company and Platform. Two years later we are delighted to support the return of this unique and exciting production as part of the Made in Easterhouse Festival.

Sarah, what is it that you enjoy about working at Platform?

I find Platform a brilliant community to be part of. The venue is outward-looking and open to artists and its local community. Matt and the rest of the team are so supportive of new ideas and projects, and there’s a feeling of excitement and possibility about the place and people. I enjoy how down to earth the place feels and the way that people of all ages and backgrounds use the venue.

Can you tell us a little about your practice, how you make work?

I am a theatre-maker based in Glasgow - I direct, perform and research performance. Inclusivity and collaboration underpin my practice and I work with a diversity of collaborators and performers, including children, adults (not trained in performance), professional performers and other artists (such as film-makers, musicians and visual artists). The performances I make involve, and sit between, choreography, dance, theatre, play and live art.

I am currently completing my PhD, which is practice-based research project into the relationship between performance and ecology. I am interested in how performance, in its process and product, can embody our human interconnectedness to the ecologies of the Earth.

Can you remember anything about your first visit to the venue?

It was pouring with rain outside and when I entered the building someone I didn’t know gave me a lovely smile and I immediately had a good feeling about Platform!

Sarah and the company of performers she is working with will present Wild Life as part of the Made in Easterhouse festival on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th October for more information and to book tickets click here


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