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28 Sep 2016

​Pete, what is your first memory of Platform?

I came to see a performance by Lab Station called The Grandfathers - which was amazing, and still one of the best performances by a young company I’ve ever seen. The same year I brought my dad and sister to see Hansel and Gretel - the Christmas show that year. It was great!

How would you describe the work that you make?

I am a performer and director. I make performances that take their inspiration from real-life stories and experiences, and that attempt to ask big questions about the world we live in.

They’re often very physical, and sometimes incorporate live music. I like working with people of all ages and backgrounds, and a lot of my work is made with people who aren’t trained performers.

What is it that you enjoy about working in the building?

As well as being an amazing building with some really great spaces to work in, Platform is always full of brilliant people. There’s always a variety of things happening there which bring a mix of people together who you might not usually see in an arts venue, and that creates a really exciting atmosphere. As an artist it’s a mega inspiring environment to work in!

Creating Bird Bones at Platform over the past two years has been one of my favourite things to do. Everyone at Platform has been really supportive of it and working with Lennon and Olivia and the artistic team was really great.

I also recently worked with the brilliant Creative Collective and Matt Addicott to create Now We Are 10 - a performance about being 10 that was part of Platform’s birthday celebrations. Working with the group was a lot of fun and often absolutely hilarious.

What are you currently working on?

This October I’m performing in two shows as part of the Made in Easterhouse programme - Wild Life Sarah Hopfinger’s intergenerational show about wildness, and Bird Bones, a show I made at Platform in collaboration with Ellie Dubois and two local young people. It’s performed by two children and one adult (me), who run, jump, catch, hang, climb, spin, and fall. Bird Bones is about fragility, fear, and our relationships to death.

At Platform I’ve also been working with Geraldine Heaney and Kim Donohoe as part of Sprog Rock at Play Café, making music and performances for the under 5s and their families who come along.

I’m also working on Irene and Alex - a new performance made with Kim Donohoe about the unusual love between a research scientist and her test subject.

As well as my theatre projects, I’m part of KOR! Records, who are Platform associate artists too - check them out!

For information and to book tickets for Wild Life click here and for Bird Bones click here

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