Platform Associate Artist | Nik Paget Tomlinson

30 Sep 2016

​Nik is a very familiar face for anyone that has visited Play Cafe over the last three years. A fantastic musician and performance maker Nik has delivered loads of creative and enjoyable sessions and there are plenty more coming up over the year ahead! Here he talks a little about his work and why he enjoys working at Platform:

Nik, how would you describe what you do?

I am a musician/composer and sound designer. I very much enjoy experimenting with using technology in a creative way to enhance a theatre experience. I am also a collector of sounds, I often travel equipped with a digital audio recorder in order to capture any interesting sounds I might hear.

What are you currently working on?

Soap & Bubbles [which will be familiar to regular Play Cafe audience members!], The Sound Lab and an as yet untitled Interactive Dance piece!

Do you enjoy spending time at Platform?

I very much enjoy spending time at Platform, it is an excellent environment to develop and create work as well as a great place to see high quality productions. One of my favourite things about Platform is that I am constantly bumping into highly creative people whenever I’m there, I feel a real sense of community both in an artistic and in a local sense.


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