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26 Sep 2016

​Maria has been working with Platform youth theatre groups for some years now - here she tells us what she is currently working on and what keeps her coming back to Platform.

Hello Maria! What are you currently working on?

At Platform I’m working with Creation Station on an early years performance project, which is really exciting!

I love working with Creation Station. I love that we try and work as a collective of artists and not in a top-down structure. I love that we don’t feel bound to making performance in only one way. Most of all, I love all of the ideas we come up with. Especially the ones I would never have thought of on my own!

I am also working with Starcatchers’ on the Expecting Something project in Fife for babies under 2 and their parents.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you make what you make?

My practice currently centres on making work for and with children and families and I’m really interested in making space for children and their parents to explore and play together, where we can try things out that might not work and not know the answer and feel okay in the not knowing.

I’m particularly interested in making performance for very young babies, although I’m not sure exactly how this might manifest yet. I’m looking at finding ways to bring technology into my work as it’s something I play with in my spare time but have never attempted to incorporate into my arts practice.

When did you first visit Platform?

I can’t believe it’s 5 years ago that I used to assist on the National Youth Theatre’s Now Your Turn workshops*, and I remember coming in for the first time and it feeling so busy and alive!

*This group is now called the Platform Young Company and more information about them can be found here

And what is it that you enjoy about working at Platform?

It’s a venue that cares deeply for artists and audiences equally. Artists are given space to explore and try things out and take risks, and audiences are given the chance to see some truly new and exciting work. I love the community of people who work at Platform; all the conversations that happen over a cup of tea; all of the hard work and all of the ambition to be better.

I’m so lucky to work alongside all of these amazing people. Long may it continue!

Pass it On - the early years performance that Maria has been making with Creation Station can be seen at the Starcatchers and Platform Family Day on Saturday 1st October - for more information about the event click here

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