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3 Oct 2016

​Katy, what is your first memory of Platform?

I first went to Platform to see a performance by Caroline Bowditch. I remember that it was a dark winter night and the building felt very warm and friendly inside.

What do you enjoy about working in the building?

I enjoy the friendly and inspirational people I work with, and how I come into contact with so many different kinds of people, who all have different experiences and come from different walks of life. I enjoy working in a place where creativity is seen as a vital part of a community and where experimentation is valued.

How would you describe yourself and the work you make?

I am a theatre maker who is interested in dehumanisation, censorship and freedom of speech. I aim to create devised performances to invite audiences to re visit difficult aspects of human nature, and think about how we can begin to acknowledge and talk about their effects. In recent performances I have explored ideas of otherness, feminism, performance in places of conflict and how performance can be used as a re-humanising act. I am interested in creating work that gets audiences to create their own moral guidelines. I see performance as a way in which societal rules can be confused and distorted, and where we can transform into anyone/anything. I draw from personal experience, interview,

iconography and exploration of materials and image.

What are you currently making?

At the moment I am working with the Creative Collective at Platform on mapping our stories of Easterhouse. We are looking to do this through use of recorded sound, technology, walking, guided tours, map making and even ghost stories.

I am also continuing to work with children in Play Station, where we meet each week to play games, explore creative ideas and make performances.

In terms of my solo practice I am working on making a new performance called Flag which is to be performed at The Rich Mix in London in November as part of their Radical Ideas commissions and celebrations of the history of the East End of London. Flag is an investigation into Union Jacks, fluttering bunting, pride and shame, and the ambivalence of contemporary British identity. It may also include The Spice Girls…

I am also working on touring and developing a performance called Baby Face which is a piece that explores the infantilisation of adult women. The piece was performed last year at Camden People’s Theatre as part of Calm Down Dear festival of feminist performance, and at Buzzcut in Glasgow this year. It is due to be performed in Bristol 2017.

Katy’s work with the Creative Collective will be shared as part of the Made in Easterhouse Festival - for more information about the festival click here

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