Platform Associate Artist | Eoin McKenzie | Made in Easterhouse

27 Sep 2016

​Eoin has been heavily involved with Broken which will be performed by Lab Station, Platform’s performance group for everyone aged 12-18 years, as part of Made in Easterhouse on Wednesday 26th October, here he talks a little about his work and the connection he has to the venue.

Eoin, what is your first memory of Platform?

I started as a participant of the weekly drama classes when Platform first opened 10 years ago when I was around 9 years old, and I’ve just kind of stuck around since then!

What keeps you coming back?

What I love most about Platform is the space is always filled with people, so it kind of naturally has this sort of buzz which is a really nice environment to be a part of.

I think as well, for me, for them to help me develop when I was a teenager and became interested in performance more than just casually participating in it, was great. And now for them to continue to support me as a young artist as well is really fantastic! I’m a big fan of Platform!

Can you tell us a little more about your work, how you create performances and what you feel is important?

I’m really interested in using what I do as a performance maker to address things that I find relevant to myself or the people I’m working with; I guess this often means the work I’m involved with is political, personal and hopefully starts conversations. I try not to limit what I make to being on stage or in a theatre, as I often find stuff that happens in different spaces much more exciting!

So when I start making work, I often begin with a simple idea or thought and then just explore what that is and see where it goes – I like not knowing what I’m doing, that’s when I’m having the most fun! Currently, I’m working on a performance with projectors and karaoke, but it’s all still a bit up in the air right now – which is exciting.

Eoin has assisted Lou Brodie with the creation of Broken see it here at Platform as part of a double with Bird Bones on Wednesday 26th October. For more information and to book tickets please click here


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