OPPORTUNITY: Blairtummock Trail Commission

5 May 2023

Blairtummock and Rogerfield Partnership is seeking an artist(s) to work with young people to explore the heritage and nature of their local greenspace and surrounds and create a fun, informative and engaging activity trail. Although, the creative workshops will provide inspiration for the trail, the artist should be prepared to develop a unifying trail design and concept that link innovative activities to locations around the park. The activities will be presented digitally and accessed via QR codes.

We would expect the artist(s) to: 

  • Develop, organise and lead 10 creative sessions for about 100 young people aged 8 – 12 to explore the park and provide inspiration for the activity pack and trail.
  • Develop an overall unifying concept and design for the activity pack and trail.
  • Develop eight fun activities exploring nature and heritage within the park and surrounds. Each activity will be linked to a specific location. The activities should be aimed at young people aged 8 – 12 yrs and designed to be carried out within the park with minimal or no bought materials.
  • Identify eight locations on the ground and design concomitant posts to mark the location of each activity

Late May - Artist appointed & inception meeting 
June/July - Engagement programme 
August - Design, production and launch 

The appointed artist(s) will have a budget of £5k for the project. This includes all project management time, travel, developing and leading creative sessions, designing activities and associated digital pack and the manufacture or overseeing the manufacture of post/markers. Please also allow time for client feedback and design response, client sign - off of all design work.

A full Brief and outline of project can be found here

Please submit the following in response of the outlined brief:

1. CV and cover letter outlining your relevant experience working with young people, the planning and delivery of similar projects and an outline methodology, demonstrating how you would approach this commission – no more than two A4 pages.

2. At least three examples, with images, of similar projects that you brought to successful completion noting your involvement in the project – attachments should be no more than 10MB. 

Assessment of responses
A panel, made up of representatives from The Pavillion, Seven Lochs and Platform will review all applications in line with the above requested information.

Please submit your application by email info@platform-online.co.uk clearly marked BLAIRTUMMOCK PARK: HERITAGE ACTIVITY TRAIL APPLICATION by 12pm Friday 26th of May

If you would like to chat through, please get in touch with Margaret McCormick at the above email with a phone number and she will get back to you.

Blairtummock and Rogerfield Partnership is Easterhouse Parish Church, BEE Club, Blairtummock Housing Association, Thistle Childcare, Thriving Places, Glasgow Kelvin College. Seven Lochs Partnership, Platform, Glasgow City Council Neighbourhoods, The Circle. The partnership works to help facilitate community priorities which were identified by residents as activity which supports mental health and wellbeing such as exercise and walking, events and getting involved with the local community. 

This project will be lead by: The Pavillion Youth Café, a charity youth organisation which provides a safe and welcoming environment for all the children and young people in the Easterhouse. The Pavillion works closely with our young people to develop a fun and engaging program of activities. From arts and crafts and cooking to issue based workshops and sports activities.

Support will be provided by: 
Seven Lochs Wetland Park, a heritage and nature park between Glasgow and North Lanarkshire which protects and enhances the heritage and biodiversity of the area, promote the health and wellbeing of both visitors and residents and contributes to the environmental, social and economic regeneration of the area.

Platform an independent arts centre at the heart of The Bridge, an award-winning cultural and leisure complex in Easterhouse. Platform delivers a year-round, multi-artform programme of gigs, theatre, exhibitions, screenings, events and participatory workshops. We work with a range of local and national partners to bring artists and communities together in North East Glasgow.



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