Objects From Home: A Project by the Members of Art Factory

20 Apr 2021

Each year, Platform host final students from the Sculpture and Environmental Art course at Glasgow School of Art, an opportunity to work with our art groups and exhibit artwork in and around our building. This year, we are delighted to be working with Tatiana Robb her project called Objects From Home.

The project invites us to bridge our home environments together by bringing together selected objects from home, shared remotely via meetings online. Objects from Home is made by the members of the Tuesday Art Factory sessions.

Tatiana led a series of workshops exploring ideas of what makes objects significant. As the group have not been able to meet in person, Tatiana thought it would be helpful to bridge the distance by sharing objects that are part of our home life – from the everyday to precious.

Everyone was invited to select 6 objects from home - these objects would become the focus for each person and would be the subject of creative tasks set by Tatiana. The artworks in the publication were made during these workshops where everyone was invited to draw chosen objects in different ways and contexts. The publication has been posted to all the members of Art Factory and hopefully, through it, they are reminded of each other in a context more than just the screen.

You can view the publication here

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