Nu Gen Mural

15 Jun 2022

If you have visited The Bridge recently you’ll have noticed that one of our entrance walls has been transformed from a plain white space to a work of art – courtesy of our Nu Gen group.

The art group for teenagers, led by artist Alice Dansey-Wright, meet every Tuesday evening at Platform. Focusing on drawing, painting and sculpture – inspired by interests, identity and what it’s like to be a teenager today – it’s informal, welcoming and a fun way to get creative!

The mural has been a few years in the making due to the pandemic and has finally came to fruition over the last few months with group members finalising their designs and hand painting them onto the wall.

Alice said: “The Nu Gen mural project started in early 2020 - the idea was to collaboratively design and paint a mural for Platform as a group.

“We took inspiration from the 'art of doodling' and being in a state of 'flow' whilst drawing. Inspiration came from Keith Haring, Shantell Martin, Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Muramkami and Emer Tumilty. 

“We spent a few sessions exploring doodles and collaborative drawing. Having started the initial idea and plans a few years ago we updated and added to it for 2022, so it features designs and motifs from former and current group members.”

The mural will be celebrated as part of Alice’s upcoming Artist Studio exhibition in July at Platform.

Find out more about the Nu Gen group here.

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