The Nu Gen Creatives!

6 May 2020

Our Nu Gen online art group for those aged between 11-16 years has been pretty busy over the last few weeks with lots of creative tasks to work on during their weekly Zoom sessions! We filled you in on our last post on our mural creation for when our building opens again, but the group, led by artist Alice Dansey-Wright have been chatting, creating and sharing each week!

They were tasked with a Window on the World project to create a piece of art work inspired by what you can see out your window or perhaps an imaginary vision. Artists Henry Matisse and Sol Calero were given as an inspiration.

Another week and another task was focusing on transforming a garment in each of the group’s wardrobes or draw a design of what they would do with the design. Great for getting a rummage into the depths of the wardrobe!

The group were also asked to create a print using household found objects…inspired by Glasgow based artist Tessa Lynch.

One of the group’s assistants Jerome also made this salt dough NHS rainbow for one of the sessions!

Keep an eye on our social media channels for more updates and images of what the group has been working on.

If you’d like to join the Nu Gen please email info@platform-online.co.uk for details. The group meets every Tuesday afternoon on Zoom at 5pm and is aimed at those aged 11-16yrs. It is free to attend and lots of fun!

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