Lockdown Publication from Platform Young Company

9 Feb 2022

Throughout lockdown Platform Young Company continued to meet online for weekly workshops led by Gudrun and Eoin. The performance group came together each week to connect, have fun and continue developing their creativity. As well as creating GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME and Isolation Choreographies, the group also produced a publication - Strategies for Endless Days. 

The book collects material from each member of the group, these drawings, photographs and reflections were added to daily or weekly - depending on the particular task they took on. Not only does the publication capture a real essence of what those long days and weeks felt like for the group but it also allows us to share and celebrate the beautiful and well-crafted material they have created. With additional graphic design provided by Valerie Reid, we hope you enjoy Strategies for Endless Days. Read it HERE. 

Platform Young Company is currently at the beginning of a new create process and looking for new people to join the group. Open to anyone aged 16 - 25 years with an interest in making contemporary performance, PYC sessions have returned to Platform and are held each Saturday between 11am and 1.30pm. 

It is free to attend and, if you are interested please send an email to info@platform-online.co.uk call 0141 276 9682 for more information and to book a space.


You can see what the group has been up to in this video, filmed and edited by Andrew Perry:

Platform Young Company


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