Interview: Gillian Grant on Everything Will Be Fine

7 Jun 2022

Craigend resident Gillian Grant took part in our mail art project during Covid lockdowns and restrictions submitting artwork on a regular basis. The project resulted in an exhibition at Platform Everything Will Be Fine which is on at Platform until Sat 18 June. Entry is free.

Gillian shared some thoughts with us on her involvement…

Tell us about your mail art experience

“It gave me hope and joy when I had very little of either. I was so delighted to receive firstly the materials, then the opportunity to share my art. It was really exciting every time the envelope hit the door mat and I had to restrain myself from posting something back the same day! I would make myself wait a couple of days to make the experience last longer. 

“The newsletter gave me something else to focus on apart from lock down, Covid-19 and being so restricted. It also gave me a chance to catch up with my friends from Art Factory and with Matt from Platform who remained positive and upbeat through the whole thing.

“The generosity that Platform showed to us involved made me grateful to be part of the project. When I was offered the tablet and mobile internet from Platform I cried for ages after I got off the phone, it was fantastic to see people on Zoom. I cannot say thank you enough."

How did you feel about being part of the exhibition of Everything Will Be Fine and speaking at the event launch?

I felt nervous at speaking about my submissions and the project and hadn’t realised how much I had actually produced over the period. I read through all the newsletters again and I had something in the majority of them. I can never judge if the art I do appeals to anyone apart from me, so I was delighted when one of my pictures was selected to be part of the exhibition."

What was your favourite artwork?

“I don’t want to play favourites, but I always enjoy Edward Henry's work and of course I like mine! In all honestly I liked them all."

“It’s been great enjoy being back in person at Platform and being part of the groups - Art Factory and Platform Singers -  once again. A big thanks to Platform for the chance to take part and showing my work - it makes me feel valued. I’d definitely recommend coming to see the exhibition for yourself and seeing what else Platform has to offer - there's lots happening and something for all ages".

Everything Will Be Fine is on at Platform until Saturday 18th June 2022. More details here.

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