Inside the Platform Young Company: Choreography Copying

23 Nov 2019

Platform Young Company are a group of committed performers aged 16 - 25 years led by Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir and Eoin McKenzie. The group meet weekly and are currently creating and developing material for their new show. Workshops are assisted by Isabel Dickens and here, she provides an account of the creative process…

“In today’s session we looked at copying and repetition. The young company were asked to watch a film of a dance show on Vimeo and copy the choreography. Alone and in pairs they took time to work out and learn the sections from the video. When watching, you could see the way that different bodies and ways of moving adapted the choreography and how it evolved as people also worked to bring their timings and movements together. The movement flowed from the back of the room to the front and then we experimented with the movement in a line and a clump. It was engaging seeing how people committed to the movement regardless of their technical abilities as dancers or knowledge of their own bodies. It was particularly exciting to see quiet and still members of the group bring their attention to detail for the movements and see the performance quality that generated as well as the counterpoint of people stillness and movement overlapping with one another.

Next people got into pairs for an exercise with recorded delivery. There were people in the group dealing with different things in their personal life so Gudrun and I wrote down light hearted questions relating to light-hearted ideas that would encourage people to think or speak in a more descriptive way and also try to avoid triggering anything heavy for members of the group at that moment. The young company then performed sections from the recordings of their own voice recordings in a group where Gudrun orchestrated it to explore the impact when people spoke together and separately. It felt like both parts of the session had a chunk of time for people to work and create on their own and then for that to be brought together. Today’s session felt very broad and open, leaving a lot of space for concentrated work in group and then rehearsal and repetitions together. At the end everyone commented on how fast it had gone. Only one more session until our sharing!”

Highlight: the focus of the group when people were performing the choreography

Artists at work
Platform Young Company


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