Inside the Platform Young Company: Dance of the Lonely Giants

30 Nov 2019

Platform Young Company are a group of committed performers aged 16 - 25 years led by Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir and Eoin McKenzie. The group meet weekly and are currently creating and developing material for their new show. Workshops are assisted by Isabel Dickens and here, she provides an account of the creative process…

“Today at Platform Young Company we were preparing for a sharing on the 7th of December. We have spent the last few weeks generating material and it was the first opportunity to look at all of it and see what it’s like in a structure. Eoin and Gudrun came with an order for the scenes and we worked through creating an introduction to the piece where Kirsty stands on stage holding a glass of milk, Whitney Houston ‘A Moment in Time’ is playing and Lucy comes forward slowly off stage singing this into the microphone like a diva whilst Kirsty holds a glass of milk miming it into the microphone.

“Then the performers immediately start walking and freezing to the 60bpm metronome pieces from the beginning of the semester and then we strung together the most relevant vignettes already created. It was an epic session because a lot of material has been created so linking it together took a lot of concentration and remembering. It felt like we got through a lot today and could see the shape of the sharing for next week. Next week we will have the chance to finish up and polish the work next week prior to the sharing at 1pm on the 7th December. This will be a chance for first impressions of the work and hopefully will open us all up to discussing what we have been doing and looking at it from an outside perspective.



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