HOTLINE to the moon

1 Mar 2021

Produced Moon, associate artists at Platform, have delivered numerous projects in Easterhouse, co-creating ambitious artworks embracing technology and digital ways of storytelling. As we continue to search for ways to stay creative during lockdown, Produced Moon have been working with Platform on their new performance HOTLINE.

Commissioned by the Tron Theatre and devised by Leonie Rae Gasson and Melanie Frances of Produced Moon with Nima Sene, Meghan Tyler, HOTLINE is produced in association with

HOTLINE is an interactive phone line performance that invites audiences to imagine escaping reality and dreams of the future.

The production team worked with members of Clack & Yak as well as Sonique, Lloyd and Ore in a series of creative workshops. Thoughts and personal statements were then recorded and included in the performance.

Ore “loved every minute” of taking part in this “amazing project” whilst Brenda, Isabel, Jean, Joyce and Mags, members of Clack & Yak, welcomed the chance of something new to do and take part. Brenda said “it was lovely, felt like we were just chatting as we would normally do - but talking about the moon reminded us all how wonderful the world is!”

They are all looking forward to calling in to hear their voices being used as part of the performance.

HOTLINE is open and free to call until midnight on Saturday 6th March.

For more information click here or call the HOTLINE on 0808 196 8619

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